North Cottage Program, Inc.

North Cottage Program, Inc.


Located in Norton, Mass., North Cottage Program, Inc. provides residential treatment for adult men struggling with substance abuse. The facility offers a range of services including its short-term Intensive Treatment Program (ITP), halfway housing, and sober living accommodations. To be eligible for the program, clients must be residents of Massachusetts and have at least seven days of sobriety. Additionally, clients must voluntarily seek admission, have no contagious infections or unresolved legal matters, and have a referral from a detoxification rehabilitation program.


North Cottage Program’s initial assessment phase includes an evaluation of each client’s substance abuse history and screenings for mental illness. Individuals experiencing psychosis, suicidal ideation, or violent thoughts or behavior will not be admitted to the program. Applicants are also required to participate in drug screenings, including an observed urine test.

During treatment, which typically lasts four to six months, clients are restricted from working or driving, unless permitted by treatment staff. Treatment utilizes evidence-based methods that are administered within the framework of the 12-step model of recovery. Clients participate in a variety of therapeutic activities, including individual and group therapy, educational seminars, 12-step work, and sports and recreation.

ITP, the initial phase of treatment, typically lasts up to 60 days and focuses on stabilizing the client. Clients are assigned to a counselor that guides them through the early stages of the program and provides case management services. Once they complete ITP, clients transition into the halfway house program for up to 180 days of support. Residents continue to receive counseling and attend 12-step meetings, but on a less frequent basis. At this stage of treatment, clients may apply for driving, employment, and overnight privileges. Upon exiting the facility’s halfway house, clients may transition into sober living accommodations, which offer supervision and support, but bring clients closer to their goal of independent living.


North Cottage Program’s staff includes counselors, case managers, treatment specialists, and administrative personnel.


North Cottage Program operates several housing units. The ITP program uses a separate 42-bed facility intended to help clients focus on immediate treatment needs. The halfway house program can accommodate up to 71 men, while sober living accommodations house 47 residents.(A second sober living facility in Attleboro, Mass., has 21 beds.)

The facility is equipped with volleyball courts, pool tables, TV rooms, and a library. Clients may also visit the local YMCA for additional recreational and exercise activities. North Cottage Program does not permit tobacco use on site, and smokers will be required to quit smoking before participating in the program.


The three alumni surveyed by at the time of this writing provided mostly positive reviews of North Cottage Program. Each submitted above-average ratings for the program’s treatment effectiveness and praised the center’s staff. “The counsellors and staff genuinely care for the clients welfare and make a concerted effort to see to their needs,” William told, and Kenneth characterized the program’s counseling as “excellent.” One anonymous alum appreciated the fact that the program was “very Gay friendly.”

Despite their praise, reviewers provided below-average scores for the program’s holistic offerings, and one respondent was critical of the center’s food and the facility itself. “Poor food menu, client sleeping quarters are old and not updated, not air conditioning for summer and out dated heating system for winter,” one alum wrote. Another commented on the program’s long waiting list.

On Google, four individuals provided an average rating of five out of five stars, and 75 reviewers generated an average rating of 4.5 out of five stars on the facility’s unofficial Facebook page. Like alumni surveyed by, Facebook and Google users were impressed with the program’s counselors and comprehensive programming. “A fantastic staff, very kind, caring people, coupled with a true dedication to helping their clients be and stay sober,” Christopher wrote in a representative Google review.


The three loved ones polled by at the time of this writing provided mixed reviews. On one end of the spectrum, N.O. gave the program’s treatment effectiveness one star, reporting a negative outcome for their loved one. Brigitte noted that the program should have offered alternatives to the 12-Steps, as “AA does not work for everyone,” but awarded the program’s treatment effectiveness four stars.


According to the facility’s website, clients are expected to pay a co-payment of 50% of their income, up to $100.08 a day.

North Cottage Program, Inc. Reviews

The most crooked cash hungry owners ever. They get you to apply for food stamps and welfare yet there is only 2 small meals a day with no snacks or even cool aid. I have no clue where the $150 in food stamps go. I feel for clients who are sent there who are on probation.. No AC in cramped hot rooms in the summer.. Everything is about money to them, they took half my income and counted to the minutes on the day I went in as to how much money to take from me..Yes they charged me 6 hours and 38 minutes on the first day..
This place sucks it is like a boot camp o would never recomend anyone to go there
It was great till the end.
Strengths: Relaxed atmosphere, no pressure. very Gay friendly. Weaknesses: Poor food menu, client sleeping quarters are old and not updated, not air conditioning for summer and out dated heating system for winter. Favoritism is displayed and practiced by ownership, Probably one of the best places for recovering Gay addicted males zero tolerance for Anti Gay behavior and attitudes.
This is the best treatment on earth!!! The counsellors and staff genuinely care for the clients welfare and make a concerted effort to see to their needs.