High Point Treatment Center- Brockton Meadowbrook Campus

High Point Treatment Center- Brockton Meadowbrook Campus

About High Point Treatment Center – Brockton Meadowbrook Campus

The Brockton Meadowbrook Campus, owned and operated by High Point Treatment Center, is home to the Men’s Addiction Treatment Center (MATC), a “Section 35” treatment facility with detox and intervention programs for men who have been court-ordered into residential treatment.

Also on campus is the Brockton Addiction Treatment Center (BATC), offering outpatient services for the community, and the CASTLE (Clean and Sober Teens Living Empowered), a short-term stabilization program for teens affected by substance abuse.

Treatment & Assessment

The Men’s Addiction Treatment Center (MATC) has three parts to it: a detox unit, clinical stabilization services, and transitional support services. With programming based on the 12-Steps, the treatment curriculum sees daily in-house support meetings, individual and group therapy, family education and support, aftercare planning, and alumni support. Men who receive clinical stabilization services reside at Serenity Inn and take part in psychoeducational groups, lectures, and opioid overdose prevention workshops if appropriate.

MATC’s transitional support services program, also known as Beginnings, provides short-term residency, stabilization after detox, and case management. Designed to help men bridge the gap between detox and step-down care, the program provides education on nutrition, relapse prevention, domestic violence, HIV awareness, and more.

Services of the Brockton Addiction Treatment Center (BATC) are available for both men and women. Along with detoxification, BATC provides outpatient care, including psychiatry services, mental health and substance abuse therapy, driver alcohol education, family treatment, and early recovery groups.

The CASTLE program for teens consists of a short-term dual diagnosis program and outpatient services. Treatment follows the “IMAX” approach, which focuses on balancing out the four crucial “domains” in a teen’s life: home, social environment, biology, and self-esteem. The short-term program incorporates detox, psychiatry and pediatric medicine, medication management, psychoeducational groups, 12-step meetings, and private therapy.

Staff Credentials

According to its website, the Brockton Meadowbrook Campus is staffed with physicians, psychiatrists, registered nurses, registered practical nurses, licensed mental health and substance abuse clinicians, and licensed social workers.

Accommodations & Amenities

Men enrolled in MATC reside at Serenity Inn, a nearby shelter with 24-hour supervision, while short-term residents of the CASTLE program are housed in a secured, 24-bed brick building.

What Alumni Say

Reviews shared by 10 alumni surveyed by Best-rehabs.com to date are mixed. Four former clients gave the facility mostly positive reviews, four gave the facility mixed reviews, and two provided the facility with negative feedback.

Satisfied clients told of a compassionate and competent staff, engaging activities and groups, and effective primary treatment. Complaints included a lack of follow-up after discharge, long waiting lists, a lack of outdoor activities, and poor holistic offerings.

Of those polled on the matter, five alumni gave the facility average ratings of 2.2 stars for its family participation and exercise and leisure activities, 2.6 stars for its counseling options, and 3.8 stars for its affordability. These five reviewers also shared an average rating of 3.6 stars for the staff’s level of training and experience.

What Friends & Family Say

Feedback provided by a group of nine loved ones was also mixed. Collectively, eight gave the center average ratings of 3.14 stars for family participation, 3.29 stars for the counseling options available, and 3.25 stars for both the exercise and leisure opportunities and for the policy concerning connectivity outside of treatment.

“I thought it was a good facility, but it needed greater family involvement,” an anonymous loved one wrote.


While there is currently no information provided on the facility’s website regarding its costs, one Best-rehabs.com survey respondent indicated that the facility accepts MassHealth.

High Point Treatment Center- Brockton Meadowbrook Campus Reviews

High Point was a very great place for my husband
Great staff. Decent protocol and small facility. No time outdoors. Accepts insurance (ma health) and no insurance
Strengths: 50/50 ex addict employee to book recovery teacher. pretty good placemnt caring councelors. Weaknesses: dirty to many patients not enough effort. I have been to several rehabs in the last 10-15 yrs. i have been clean and sober for 6 yrs now. This facility had a councelor who i really related to and thats why i chose this place to list. I think what it really comes down to in recovery is wanting to be clean and getting into a place where you can relate to the couneling staff. i think those jobs should be only for ex-addicts because people who are book educated on addiction do not understand. just witnessing it and reading stats is not enough. Dont get me wrong some are very compassionate which is awesome but unless you know our suffering 1st hand i dont think you could ever actually understand what we are going through.
Help with aftercare. Good clinitians . It's basic detox. No extras. My clean date is 3/4/11. The day I left high point. So apparently it works...lol.
initial treatment is effective. follow up is lacking effectiveness. granddaughter went there and came out clean but within months was addicted again.