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Teen Challenge New England & New Jersey’s Brockton Men’s Campus utilizes a faith-based approach to inspire lifelong recovery in men 18 years of age and above. Individuals struggling with drug and/or alcohol abuse are invited to participate in a rigorous, compassionate addiction treatment program that engages the word of Christ to produce an enduring transformation. Through spiritual, academic, and vocational training, Teen Challenge ensures that each participant receives the necessary skills to succeed after treatment.


One of ten Teen Challenge New England and New Jersey facilities (and more than 200 U.S. locations), the Brockton Teen Challenge location has been in operation since the 1960s. Located south of Boston, the long-term residential rehab facility offers Christian faith-based addiction counseling, education, and vocational training to assist adult men struggling with substance abuse disorders. Clients involved in the justice system can be accommodated in some cases. Nearby women’s programs are located in Boston and Providence, R.I.


The long-term residential program at Teen Challenge (TC) Brockton runs for 15 months, with an optional six-month apprenticeship program after graduation. A six-month Restoration program is also available to alumni in the case of relapse. Men begin the admission process with an online application. If necessary, clients must be physically stable (post-detoxification) prior to intake.

At the core of the Christian program are Bible study, chapel services, educational sessions, peer support, work therapy and clinical counseling, which can address co-occurring mental health disorders, according to the facility’s website. In a five-phased process, residents receive increased responsibility as well as vocational training. If applicable, clients are expected to obtain their GED before graduating from the program.

Vocational opportunities include obtaining work experience through the Teen Challenge Brockton thrift store or car wash, helping with construction projects, participating in catering services, and refurbishing furniture. Along with continued connection with other alumni, discharge plans prioritize five areas of personal progress: college enrollment, trade school enrollment, employment, Christian ministry, or the Teen Challenge apprenticeship.


Many of the staff members at Teen Challenge New England and New Jersey are graduates of the Brockton or other TC programs in the region. Among the staff credentials listed on the Brockton facility’s website are a master’s in counseling, a master’s in divinity, and various diplomas in bible study.


New England and New Jersey Teen Challenge’s Brockton facility houses 108 beds for its 15-month men’s program. Plans to add more than 30 in a new building for short-term treatment are in place for summer 2018, according to a July 2017 Enterprise News story. Most rooms are semi-private. Letters and phone calls are limited to immediate family during approved times, according to the TC website.

Clients participate in a range of recreational activities including basketball, softball, and attending organized events. The facility also operates a men’s choir that schedules regular performances in the area. Information sourced through TC Brockton’s official Facebook page also suggested that residents receive some donated dental services.


Best-rehabs.com has not yet received any reviews from this facility’s alumni, affiliated friends or family members, or staff. However, feedback for Teen Challenge Brockton on Google and the program’s official Facebook page (which its staff may monitor) was overwhelmingly favorable at the time of this writing. All 22 individuals who submitted Google reviews awarded the facility five out of five stars and on Facebook, 96 maximum five-star ratings dominated the nine total lower ratings.

Written comments from a mix of TC former clients, their loved ones, staff, and local community members tended to highlight the value of the program’s religious approach and to report positive outcomes in changed lives, sobriety, and restored families. Several emphasized the genuine commitment of the staff. In a representative review, alum G.D. wrote on Facebook: “Teen Challenge was one of the toughest but greatest life changing experiences I’ve ever been through that no secular program out there could match.” K.H. wrote of her son: “He feels love and has learned acceptance.”

Likewise, the two former employees of TC Brockton who reviewed the program on Indeed were positive. One, who appeared to be an alum as well, reported developing character along with customer service and other job skills. Their praise for the program fit in the context of 105 employee reviews for other Teen Challenge facilities across the country, which averaged a strong rating of 4.4 out of five stars.


According to the Teen Challenge Brockton website, the facility does not accept insurance or government funding, but is supported by donations and income from its alumni-run businesses. A February 2017 Boston Globe article reported that residents are asked to contribute $750 per month toward their program costs, but that no one is turned away based on financial ability.


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Teen Challenge New England and New Jersey – Brockton Reviews

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  • I am 38 years old and I am from Chelmsford, Massachusetts. I had a really good upbringing with a family that truly loved me. I had a daughter at young age, but went on and graduated from a vocational high school and became a licensed Journeyman Electrician by the age of 22. I met my wife and we bought our first home when I was 25. Shortly after that my brother came to my house with some pills and I tried painkillers for the first time, my self-destruction began. Over the next ten years I went to 8 different treatment centers but it didn’t help. I lost visitation rights to see my daughter, I lost my electrical license, I lost our home, my wife left me and filed for divorce, I had overdosed and been revived, I lost my purpose and I lost the will to live. On February 24, 2011 the phone call came. My older brother called me and said “Our brother is dead”. He had died from an overdose. I remember going through these feelings that I could never begin to explain, feelings of grief, guilt, shame, sadness, etc. all at the same time. I remember wishing that my wife or daughter were there with me to hug. I realized I was all alone and that it was my fault. That is when I cried out and begged God to help me. I told him that I couldn’t do this alone, and asked him to please help me. I asked him to forgive me for being so selfish. Within a few months, God put Pastor in my path. He explained Jesus Christ and the cross to me. He told me that if I would accept this free gift that Jesus had already died for, that I could leave my old life and all of those bad things that I had done at the foot of the cross and I would be forgiven. He also told me something else that day; he told me that he believed in me. I hadn’t heard somebody say that to me in a long time. That was the day that things started turning around for me. That was the day that I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Well, I fell again. I reached out to Pastor and he told me about Teen Challenge, I thought that he was joking, I was 35 years old and assumed Teen Challenge was for Teens. Little did I know that I was committing myself to the hardest recovery program in the world. God helped me endure. In May of 2014, I had been in the program for about three months and I went to the Brockton Family and Probate court for my divorce hearing. My wife told the judge “I am seeing something different in my husband since he has been in Teen Challenge, I would like to postpone the divorce.” Today, the divorce has been dropped and our family is being restored! I graduated in May of 2015! Today my family is proud of me. My mother, has made it her mission to be a voice in the addiction community and tell as many people about was God is doing through Teen Challenge and bring hope to as many as she can. She has joined and started several groups and is working diligently to make sure that families don’t have to go through what we did. My beautiful wife and I are working through the mistakes that I had made, she has been through so much and I am so blessed to have her by my side. God has blessed us with our precious little boy Jonathon. My daughter has turned into a beautiful young woman! She has graduated high school and went on to college where she is studying corporate accounting. She has accepted Christ in her life and God has begun restoring our relationship. I am so grateful for what God is doing in my life through Teen Challenge. I have been gratefully serving at Teen Challenge and keeping my eyes fixed on Jesus. God is restoring my family and all of those other things that I had lost and I have a hope and a future! The scripture that I stand on is- 2 Corinthians 5:17- "This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!"
  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
  • My brother has received excellent care and services. Weaknesses were organization, counseling.