VA Boston Healthcare System – Brockton

VA Boston Healthcare System – Brockton

About VA Boston Healthcare System – Brockton

Located in Brockton, Massachusetts, VA Boston Healthcare System provides a comprehensive range of medical services to veterans. The center’s services for substance use disorders include residential and outpatient programs, as well as detox services, which are offered at only 28 (7.9 percent) of hospital-based facilities in the state. The treatment center also offers gender-specific programming.

Treatment & Assessment

According to the center’s website, VA Boston’s treatment team collaborates with clients and their families to create a personalized treatment plan that addresses their specific concerns. These plans are developed through initial psychiatric assessments and substance abuse assessments.

If needed, the treatment center offers detox in a safe inpatient setting. Most clients stay in detox for three days but may stay longer depending on their medical needs. Clients who require detoxification may be referred to the facility’s residential treatment for intensive programming and supervision. During residential care, clients may participate in individual, couples, and family counseling, as well as educational classes relevant to military personnel and veterans.

The facility also provides a Women’s Integrated Treatment and Recovery Program, which is a 10-week residential program for women struggling with PTSD and substance use disorder. The program includes assessments, group and individual counseling, pharmacological intervention, and psycho-educational programs.

In addition to residential care, the Brockton location offers outpatient-based methadone maintenance programs and Suboxone treatment for individuals with opioid dependency. During medication-assisted treatment, clients can also participate in various outpatient counseling and education groups.

The transition housing program includes job counseling and outpatient treatment. Additionally, outpatient mental health treatment, including therapy and medication management, is available. The VA center also provides women’s-only outpatient programs and transitional housing.

Staff Credentials

VA Boston Healthcare System’s behavioral health treatment team comprises psychiatrists, nurses, social workers, and a nutritionist. Furthermore, 97.2 percent of Massachusetts treatment facilities have continuing education requirements for staff. A survey respondent rated the staff’s level of training and experience with four out of five stars.

Accommodations & Amenities

Currently, the facility has not provided information about its living arrangements and related offerings. However, the survey respondent rated the center’s cleanliness with four stars.


The two alumni surveyed by provided mixed feedback. One alumnus gave the center four out of five stars in all evaluated categories, including holistic offerings, counseling options, level of family involvement, and admissions & discharge procedures. They described the program as “very good” and would recommend it to others. The other alumnus rated treatment effectiveness with two stars, stating that it wasn’t great, although staff support was good.

Based on Google reviews for VA Boston Healthcare System in Brockton, the center received an average rating of 3.4 out of five stars. However, these reviews are for the entire center, not specifically for the substance abuse treatment program.(Footnote 1)


VA Boston Healthcare System accepts private insurance, TRICARE, and other military insurances. The survey respondent gave the facility four out of five stars for affordability.

(Footnote 1) Google Reviews

VA Boston Healthcare System – Brockton Reviews

  • Treatment Effectiveness
Not that great, although the staff support was good.
  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
Consistant Rules and regulations Little security I attended for Anxiety and depression and the exercises learned there helped me get back into the work force