Northland Recovery Center

Northland Recovery Center


Northland Recovery Center operates three substance abuse treatment facilities in northern Minnesota. This main center, located on the southeastern outskirts of the small city of Grand Rapids, offers detox services for men and women, residential care for men only, and co-ed outpatient care. The organization’s Women’s Center South and Women’s Center North offer residential treatment for women.


During the admission process, new clients undergo a thorough evaluation of their substance use, as well as further psychological testing when needed. Detox services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at the main facility.

Treatment is based on the 12-Steps in conjunction with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). The center also provides education about the nature of disease and addiction, and counseling in the physical, psychological, spiritual, social, and family aspects of recovery. The center’s residential care is offered at either high or medium intensity based on the client’s needs. Clients participate in individual and group counseling to address problem behaviors and learn new sober living skills.

The center recommends that clients graduate from residential treatment directly into an evening outpatient program. The combined residential and outpatient program typically takes four to six weeks. Outpatient care is offered at a variety of intensities: an initial intensive program, followed by a less intensive program designed to provide ongoing support in areas such as relapse prevention, coping skills, family and marital dynamics, socializing, and spirituality. Family support is also provided in the form of counseling and educational practices.


There is currently no information provided by the facility regarding its treatment staff. However, the single individual polled by to date gave the center five out of five stars for its staff’s level of training and experience. The facility likely employs trained medical staff including a physician to oversee the detox and medication services. Certified counselors and educators may also be on hand to manage counseling and other rehab activities.


The center offers six detox beds and a total of 26 residential beds. Pictures published on the facility’s website show shared bedrooms, a patio, and a communal area with couches and a TV. Clients are advised to bring workout clothes and swimwear, since they will have regular opportunities to visit the YMCA. The single individual polled by to date gave the center four stars for its accommodations and its exercise and leisure provisions, and five stars for its meals and cleanliness. Visitors are welcome on weekends, and no passes are administered during the client’s stay. Smoking is permitted in designated areas.


The single loved one polled by to date gave very positive feedback, awarding the facility four out of five stars for its exercise and leisure provisions, its connectivity/visitor policy, its family participation, and its affordability. Five-star ratings were awarded to the center’s holistic offerings, counseling options, and treatment for co-occurring disorders. “The staff are very nice. It was clean,” the anonymous reviewer wrote.


According to its website, the Northland Recovery Center accepts self-pay as well as private insurance from a variety of providers, including Blue Cross Blue Shield and Cigna. Aetna, Medicare, and TriCare are not accepted. The cost of treatment is subsidized by state and county funding. The single individual polled by to date gave the center four out of five stars for its affordability.

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  • The staff are very nice. It was clean