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Wellcome Manor Family Services Garden City Minnesota

Wellcome Manor Family Services is a residential chemical dependency treatment center for women. Although this is a chemical dependency service designed expressly for women, mothers seeking to access treatment services may bring their children to reside with them while they attend treatment. The program offers a unique opportunity for women, including pregnant women, and mothers of dependent children to address chemical dependency issues, mental health issues and parenting issues simultaneously. Through ongoing assessments and data collection the program has been designed to look at all three of these life areas, assess each clients’ assets and liabilities in each of these areas as well as identifying and addressing problems in the relationships of them. The result is a holistic, comprehensive program that reaches beyond treatment and into prevention.


Set in the tree-lined suburban neighborhood of Garden City, Minn., Wellcome Manor Family Services provides residential treatment to adult women, struggling with substance abuse issues including pregnant women and women with children up to the age of eight. The facility operates a licensed daycare.

Detox service are not available on-site.


Treatment at Wellcome Manor is divided into two phases each of which lasts 60-90 days. The program combines 12-step principles with dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and also addresses co-occurring mental health disorders.

Clinical activities include individual counseling, group therapy, medication management, parenting education, relapse prevention, and addiction education groups. Additionally, the facility strongly encourages family participation, making addiction education and family therapy available. A three-hour family program is also offered each week.


The treatment team includes registered nurses, licensed alcohol and drug counselors, licensed social workers, and licensed marriage and family therapists.


Wellcome Manor is a 40-bed residential facility. The rooms are straightforward and dorm-style, and women with children are housed in a separate wing. On-site amenities include a fitness center, gymnasium, and outdoor playground. One 15-minute phone call is allowed per weekday, but two are permitted on weekends.


At the time of this writing there has been one alumni surveyed by Best-rehabs.com. Alum Aleshea gave the facility a four- out of five star rating for the facility’s holistic offerings, exercise and leisure options, cleanliness, and accommodations and amenities. In their commentary, alum Aleshea praised the facility’s childcare policies, and wrote, “They helped me out alot…im 19months sober.”

Reviews from secondary sites were positive. On Google six reviewers gave the facility an average rating of 3.5 out of five stars. “A GREAT place to seek help for yourself and your children,” wrote Sarah, adding: “Changed my life.” [1]

On Wellcome Manor’s Facebook page, which the facility can manage, 15 reviewers gave an average of 4.3 out of five stars. [2] Particular praise was directed at the staff and the on-site daycare and childcare options. “Wonderful counselors and staff that took the time to listen,” Reviewer N.V. wrote.


According to Wellcome Manor’s website, the facility accepts most major insurance plans.

[1] https://goo.gl/maps/dwqJPNiBPi62

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  • I was searching for a program that was high intensity and let your children go with you and something that worked with duel diagnosis it was amazing. They knew what to do for moms who are addicts. They helped me out a lot. I worked hard and I'm 19 months sober.