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Acadia Montana specializes in the behavioral health and well-being of young people. We take an inclusive and multi-dimensional approach to the wide variety of emotional and psychiatric disorders our patients are suffering from.


Surrounded by the Rocky Mountains and located within close proximity to Yellowstone National Park, Acadia Montana provides residential treatment for children and young adults between ages five and 18 who are struggling with mental and behavioral health disorders. The facility prides itself on taking an inclusive and multidimensional approach to treatment for depression, substance abuse, and many other disorders.


According to Acadia Montana’s website, residents are grouped according to age, with young children and pre-adolescents in co-ed groups, and adolescents on gender-specific teams. Children are given immediate feedback throughout the duration of their residence — what Acadia Montana calls a “green light/red light behavioral system.”

Treatment for preadolescents and adolescents uses a multi-phase model that uses cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and allows clients to play an active role in managing their progress. The duration of treatment varies, but most clients remain on-site for three to six months.

The center employs a variety of treatment modalities, including individual therapy, family therapy, and recreational activities. Group therapy discusses topics such as conflict resolution and anger management, and it encourages mindfulness and life skills. Medication management is also provided to clients on an as-needed basis.

During their stay, clients attend the center’s fully-accredited, on-campus private school. Classes occur from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on a typical day.

Discharge planning, according to the facility’s website, is individualized and must be a cooperative effort between the resident, the treatment team, and his or her family.


Acadia Montana’s website notes the treatment team includes a psychiatrist, master’s level therapist, psychiatric registered nurse, and recreational therapist. The facility also employs a resident advocate, teachers, and a registered dietician.


Acadia Montana’s website indicates it can accommodate up to 108 residents at a time. There is a separate co-ed and boy’s unit, and rooms are generally semi-private. Clients are welcome to utilize the on-site basketball court, volleyball court, soccer field, and climbing tower, and younger children are welcome to use the playground and gym.

REVIEWS has not yet received any reviews from this facility’s alumni, affiliated friends or family members, or staff.

Reviews posted on secondary review sites are mostly negative, however. All 10 individuals who left Google Reviews provided one out of five star reviews. The reviewers cited “corrupt” and “rude” staff. Several reviewers reported violent and traumatizing incidents such as numerous fights and clients being held down while staff forced them to take their medications. “…it leaves mental and literal scars,” Malachi wrote. “I cry every day with the memories,” Kelsey wrote. [1]

Based on 10 reviews, current and former staff members on provided an average rating of 2.8 stars out of five. Some employees mentioned the “fun” atmosphere and free lunches among the facility’s perks, but others noted a lack of support and adequate compensation. A couple also noted that some clients could be difficult to work with. “Poor management; no orientation; unreasonable hours and too many on call days,” an anonymous staff member wrote. [2]


This facility does not publish the costs of treatment on its website, but it does accept Medicaid, TRICARE, and private insurance, including Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Cigna.


Reviews about Acadia Montana

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  • My son has been in this place for about a year now and is now coming home in a week I would have to say that his progress has improved he has made a lot of changes his therapist and doctors are amazing some of the nurses there he was able to make a relationship with he has his favorite nurses soda why am there have been some issues of kids bullying him which I have addressed with his therapist and measurements were taken and so I was very please with that there have been a few staff members that I’ve had issues with with returning my son back having to wait a long period of time for a staff member to come to the front to get him to take him back to his unit other than that I am very pleased with the progress on the support that we as a family have received and I actually recommended this place for to another person and her son is currently their arm like I said I haven’t had any really major issues my son has brought up some but we have addressed it with the doctor and the therapist and the therapist understood my concerns and his concerns and looked into everything and if they found that it was true then the measurements that that she took to make sure that this won’t happen again was amazing the response from his therapist was unbelievable he has been in another treatment facility and that never really worked until we got him into Acadia which I’m happy I did otherwise we could be doing this again over and over but I feel that with my son being finally discharging and the progress that he’s made I believe that he will be coming home and staying home for good and there are things that we still have to work on it as a family but will get over that and he’s gained a lot of coping skills and learning to take responsibility for his actions and not put the blame on myself as his mom so that is pretty amazing I am very pleased