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Rocky Mountain Treatment Center Great Falls Montana

Our philosophy is centered upon recognizing addiction as a chronic, relapsing brain disorder characterized by compulsive use of drugs and/or alcohol. Treatment requires a holistic approach based on a biopsychosocial model of care. This includes the physical, emotional, behavioral, family, social, and spiritual needs of the client. Within Rocky Mountain Treatment Center, our clients are engaged in real life activities and pursuits, allowing each individual to confront challenges, explore ideas, and build their foundation for a flourishing and comprehensive lifestyle of recovery.


Located on the Missouri River in Great Falls, Mont., Rocky Mountain Treatment Center (RMTC) offers residential rehabilitation for alcohol and drug addiction. Treatment is holistic and 12-step-based, with a specialization in equine therapy. Medically monitored detoxification services and a day program are both available.


According to the Rocky Mountain Treatment Center website, same-day admissions are available for 30-, 60- or 90-day programs.

In addition to 12-step work and one-on-one and group counseling sessions, individualized treatment plans incorporate mindful meditation, recreational therapy, and Montana’s only equine therapy program. Optional and non-denominational spiritual programming is also available, including Bible studies.

The center’s three-day family program addresses co-dependency through educational and counseling sessions.


Rocky Mountain Treatment Center maintains a 3:1 client-clinician ratio and touts more than 350 years of combined staff sobriety. The treatment team includes a Mayo Clinic med school graduate with board certifications in addiction and internal medicine, a nurse practitioner, a master’s-level counselor, a Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship (PATH)-certified therapist, and about half-a-dozen licensed addiction counselors (LAC). Treatment assistants are typically graduates of RMTC.


The surrounding mountains, plains, and Montana’s “Big Sky” provide the backdrop for Rocky Mountain Treatment Center’s emphasis on therapeutic recreation. Residents regularly hike at nearby state parks and visit local cultural and historical sites. Residents also have access to arts and crafts, a gym, and a weekly karaoke night.

The center is set in a restored, nearly 100-year-old three-story converted convent. Bedrooms are shared and the site has indoor and outdoor group meeting spaces. Nutritionally therapeutic meals are provided in a communal dining room. Smoking is permitted in designated areas.


The eight alumni reviews received by for Rocky Mountain Treatment Center were split three-to-one, positive-to-critical. Both satisfied and less-so alumni praised the center’s meals and therapeutic outcomes.

Treatment Effectiveness: 4/5
Meals and Nutrition: 4.25/5

Former clients credited the rehab with saving their lives and three cited encouragement or help in developing a sense of self-worth as strengths. The staff were described as “friendly, capable, and confident,” as well as “firm but very fair.” Notably, while still positive, metrics measuring some of RMTC’s areas of emphasis revealed more moderate satisfaction on average.

Staff Experience and Training: 4.25/5
Exercise and Leisure Activities: 3.5/5
Holistic Offerings: 3.25/5

All three alumni asked about counseling options indicated there were few, and none represented the facility as affordable. One alum complained of issues with insurance coverage and costs.

Likewise on Google, where 15 individuals contributed to an average rating of 4.5 out of five stars for RMTC, two alumni reported critically that the facility was “run like a business.” Otherwise, reviews followed positive trends in depicting the staff as understanding and professional and the tools learned in therapy as life-changing.[1]


The four loved ones polled to date by offered more mixed feedback. One critical reviewer reported that their loved one was not supported in his PTSD needs. Another concurred with alumni complaints about poor insurance-related procedures and cost.

They, nevertheless, noted that their loved one’s counselor and treatment were “great.” Two family members polled awarded four or five stars apiece for staff experience, family programming, cleanliness, and affordability, with split ratings of three and five stars for holistic offerings, exercise and leisure, and counseling options.

On Yelp, a sole loved one rated RMTC five stars, citing good food, a clean facility, staff who “invest themselves in the patients,” and a program “well worth” the high cost of treatment.[2]


The one staffer polled by provided a universally positive review, representing co-workers as professional and supportive of clients and families.


Rocky Mountain Treatment Center in Montana is covered in-network by most insurance companies, provides financing options, and accepts self-pay. Treatment costs $450 per day, according to information provided by the facility to


Rocky Mountain Treatment Center Reviews

I wish I had saved my insurance company the money they spent for me to go here. I did what was expected of me and now feel like I was invisible. I didn't get the help I needed as I went through the program. I was left in the abyss as my counselor left so follow-up did not happen. Their out reach is a joke. Follow-up in thirty, sixty, ninety days? I am still waiting for my 30 day after 45 days.
My experience at RMTC was a great life learning experience. First I had to come to believe I had a problem and then the staff could do what they do best. Not only did I get the help to treat my addiction I also learned a lot about my character defects that I didn't realize I had. This was tough to come to terms with but the more willIing I was to work on myself no matter how painful or uncomfortable it made me feel the more I was able to get out of the program. I am still sober and clean 7 months later and I am constantly working on becoming a better person. The staff and TA's are amazing people. The food was top notch. The equine therapy something I was skeptical about but it did wonders for me. I highly recommend this treatment center. My only advice to anyone going would be to push your ego aside and be ready to do whatever is asked of you no matter how much it eats at your ego or pride. If you are willing to dig deep inside yourself you will gain a tremendous amount of insight on what makes you tick and and how to curb it for the better. It will put you down the right path to continue to better yourself for the rest of your life. Jon T.
They should not detox clients, almost killed our son. Out do his detox as part of 30 day treatment. I sir ace paid up front so did he, then 1/2 way through demanded $2000.00 more. DO NOT RECOMMEND this place at all.
Rocky rehab saved my life. Plain and simple. They helped me get on a track that I couldn’t see myself being on 6 months ago. If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, I highly highly recommend this place. I looked at other google reviews that said the same thing before going to treatment here and I’m so delighted to have discovered for myself that they were right.
I really don't have anything negative to say about the treatment I received from the TA's and counselors. The only problem I have is that my Indian Tribe refuses to pay for my treatment because I don't live on the reservation. Then the Insurance lady made my mother cry! My mother is a strong woman who raised 3 spoiled brats by herself & held 3 jobs at once. She is lucky my mom didn't tell me for a couple of weeks. For in those couple of weeks, I learned so much at RMTC. Stop, think, and re-think. Thank you RMTC! (and I'm sure that damn insurance lady thanks you, too!).