Crystal Creek Lodge Treatment Center

Crystal Creek Lodge Treatment Center


Crystal Creek Lodge offers holistic chemical dependency treatment for Blackfeet Indians and other Native Americans, combining traditional beliefs and practices with 12-step concepts. Programming consists of residential and outpatient care for adults and adolescents. Services are offered at a facility in the small Montana town of Browning on the Blackfoot Reservation, near the eastern border of Glacier National Park.


Clients may begin treatment with walk-in or scheduled assessments, followed by the development of individualized plans for recovery. During a typical 30-day stay, residents participate in a special 12-step curriculum designed to support Native Americans, along with one-on-one and weekly family counseling. Adolescents in a residential program often remain more than 30 days, and women who are pregnant may stay at Crystal Creek Lodge for up to nine months.

Special educational and group sessions address topics such as diabetes, nutrition, parenting, job preparation, grief and loss, anger management, and physical health. During rehab, clients will have access to medical care, as well. Cultural and spiritual practices such as sobriety pow-wows and dances, sweat lodges, and talking circles are a significant part of each treatment program.

Available outpatient treatment includes an intensive 12-week program for adults, a once-a-week adolescent program for those not yet chemically addicted, and a general program that offers periodic counseling sessions for individuals. Day and evening hours are offered.

The rehab center’s DUI program utilizes the 12-hour Prime for Life curriculum, which includes drug screenings, and serves clients who have been referred by state or tribal courts.


Treatment team members featured on the facility’s website include a master’s level counselor, licensed and certified addiction counselors, and a licensed clinical social worker. According to an official Facebook page, all staff members are Native Americans and elders are regularly incorporated into program activities.


While information regarding living spaces is limited, Crystal Creek Lodge’s website provides a sample week’s schedule. Arts and crafts sessions, access to swimming on weekends, movies, and church or sweat lodge attendance are all listed. Visitors are welcome on Sunday afternoons.


The single alum polled by to date provided mostly positive feedback, reflecting satisfaction with treatment and accommodations. They rated the effectiveness of treatment five stars out of five, although specific aspects received lower ratings, including the quality of treatment for co-occurring addiction and mental health conditions, options for counseling approaches, and family participation received just three stars apiece. They offered one caveat, reporting that they were the first person to be treated for meth addiction and suggesting more expertise was needed in that area. While meals, nutrition, and opportunities for exercise and leisure activity were each rated four stars, the facility’s cleanliness and upkeep received a more mediocre three-star rating.

At the time of this writing, secondary review sites yielded no reviews of this facility.


The sole loved one surveyed by gave mixed feedback. Although they awarded the center five stars for the overall effectiveness of its treatment, they indicated that they would not recommend treatment at Crystal Creek Lodge. They also gave the center five stars for its holistic options, but, similarly to the alum polled, just two stars for its counseling options, 12-step focus, and quality of treatment for co-occurring disorders. Meals and nutrition received the same rating of four stars that the alum provided, but the reviewer strongly disapproved of the state of cleanliness, providing just a one-star rating.


Crystal Creek Lodge is funded by the Indian Health Service (IHS), so any members or descendants of federally recognized tribes qualify for covered treatment. For clients who do not qualify for IHS funding, the center offers a sliding fee scale, and accepts Medicaid and insurance. The two individuals polled by to date gave the center a three-star rating and a five-star rating for its affordability, respectively.

Crystal Creek Lodge Treatment Center Reviews

Treatment was great, food could have been better.
Good support Needed more knowledge of meth addiction It was one of the best experience of my life. I was the first person they counseled in meth addiction