New Mexico Rehabilitation Center

New Mexico Rehabilitation Center


Operated by the New Mexico Department of Health (NMDH) and located beside the Roswell international airport, the New Mexico Rehabilitation Center (NMRC) is a specialty hospital offering a wide range of physical and behavioral rehabilitative services. It is one of only four (2.6%) treatment facilities in the state to offer hospital inpatient care. Alongside a chemical dependency program, there is also physical, occupational, speech therapy, and social services.

According to a press release published by the New Mexico Department of Health, this center additionally offers outpatient treatment for addiction.


The facility does not publish extensive details of its treatment program, however, documents published by the NMDH indicate that the department has embraced SMART Recovery and harm reduction.

The residential program lasts 21 days and is open to all residents of New Mexico.

Clients in the center’s intensive outpatient program (IOP) meet three hours, three times each week, for 16 weeks. Treatment at New Mexico Rehabilitation Center involves relapse prevention, an approach incorporated by 141 (91.6%) New Mexico facilities, social support, early recovery skill, continued recovery, and family education, included in the programming of just 137 (89%) facilities in the state, according to the press release.


There is currently no information provided by the facility regarding its treatment staff, however, 97.8% of New Mexico substance abuse treatment facilities have continuing education requirements for staff.

To date, two of the three individuals polled by gave the facility three out of five stars for the staff’s level or training and experience. The third respondent gave the center four stars in this category.


There is currently no information provided by the facility regarding its living arrangements and related offerings, however, all three family and friends of former clients polled by to date gave the facility four or five out of five stars for its accommodations, meals, and cleanliness.

While there is no information about the number of beds available, the national average of clients enrolled in a hospital inpatient treatment at a given time is 13.


At the time of this writing, has yet to receive reviews alumni feedback; however, alumni who left reviews on secondary sites provided mixed feedback.

On Facebook, NMRC had an average three- out of five-star average based on four reviews at the time of this writing.[1] No individuals left commentary with their rating.

To date, the six people who left reviews for NMRC on Google provided an average rating of 3.5 out of five stars.[2] Two of these users left written commentary regarding physical rehabilitation services, rather than substance abuse treatment. The one alum who left commentary about the addiction program compared it to a camp for adults. “I love this place,” Andi wrote. “Rehab is basically camp for adults but this is a great camp for adults if you need help…Actually the best in this state.”

The sole former client who left a review on CiteHealth for NMRC at the time of this writing provided a two out of five star review.[3] “This is NOT an intense treatment facility, I did group sessions, education and that counselor had us literally coloring pages of the liver to show us the proper color that organs should be,” they wrote. This individual noted that they left after five days, without completing their program, due to overall dissatisfaction.


The three loved ones polled by at the time of this writing also provided mixed feedback.

One of these loved ones gave the center four out of five stars for most categories evaluated, including the staff’s level of experience and training, treatment effectiveness, and when asked if they would recommend NMRC. Still, “Most rehab centers are depressing and this one was no different,” they wrote.

The other two loved ones provided lower ratings. They both gave one star for the center’s treatment of co-occurring disorders, and three and two stars respectively for the overall effectiveness of treatment.

Both of these loved ones listed a lack of access to 12-step programming as the center’s major weakness. “Lack of pushing 12 steps, and Drs will tell you the 12 steps is how to stay clean,” one anonymous reviewer wrote. Another felt that clients should be taken to outside meetings, but that the counselors are not paid enough to do this because the facility is “state run.”

The sole loved one to provide feedback to CiteHealth to date – an anonymous parent – left no ratings, but commented that the customer service was poor and that making an appointment for her son was difficult.[3]


According to its website, NMRC accepts most insurances as well as self-pay (accepted by just 76% of treatment facilities in this state). The three loved ones polled by to date gave the facility one three- out of five-star rating and two five-star ratings for its affordability — though when asked whether treatment was worth the cost, they gave the center two, one, and four stars respectively.


Reviews about New Mexico Rehabilitation Center

  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
  • Personnel Evironment not the best. Most rehab centers are depressing and this one was no different.
  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
  • Inpatient, no smoking, let's 12 steps come in and have panel mtgs Does not take clients to 12 step meetings they have to learn about regular meeting.
  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
  • Its new Lack of pushing 12 steps,, and Drs will tell you the 12 steps is how to stay clean