Promesa Adult & Youth Outpatient Services

Promesa Adult & Youth Outpatient Services


Outpatient mental health and substance abuse treatment services for adults and adolescents are provided at several New York clinics in the Acacia Network. Two Acacia locations also known as Promesa clinics are located in the Bronx and just south of Washington Heights, each offering primary mental health care. Acacia is a nonprofit community health network founded more than 45 years ago to serve neighborhoods with an emphasis on Latino needs. Social services are provided in Spanish and English and include detox and short-term residential treatment, specialized opioid addiction treatment, and sober housing support, along with outpatient programming in various Bronx and Brooklyn facilities.


Little information is provided by the facility on its website regarding treatment modalities. The Acacia does emphasize individualized treatment plans and staff who carefully listen to clients. Medication-assisted therapy is available at some locations, but may not be at the Promesa outpatient clinics.

At the time of this writing, has received feedback from just two individuals, both of whom indicated general satisfaction with the treatment received, with some caveats. The survey respondents agreed on the high quality of treatment for co-occurring addiction and mental health disorders and the lack of options for holistic treatment. Metrics measuring the overall effectiveness of treatment and the availability of options in counseling approaches each received a rating of three out of five stars from the sole alum respondent, and five stars from a loved one.


No details regarding treatment staff at Promesa clinics or at Acacia’s other substance abuse programs are provided on the facility’s website. However, the network’s chief operating officer is a licensed social worker who has contributed to New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services. Both individuals polled by rated the level of staff training and experience with three out of five stars.


Acacia is affiliated with five hospitals, four in the Bronx and one in Harlem. Substance abuse services are offered at 12 New York locations, including the two Promesa outpatient clinics. The Bronx program is at the Westchester Avenue Family Health Center.


The one alum polled by indicated they would recommend the program, while giving most metrics measuring therapy mediocre ratings, as noted in the Treatment & Assessment section of this review. Similarly, the facility’s cleanliness and upkeep as well as the affordability of treatment received three-star ratings. Admissions and discharge procedures were rated four stars.

Alumni reviews of Promesa facilities and Acacia Network substance abuse programs on secondary websites revealed generally negative opinions. On Google, one alum gave the facility just one out of five stars, agreeing with reviewers about the absence of holistic support. They wrote: “What is there to do for growth. .mentally, spiritually, psychologically and emotionally?” Two additional alumni rated the program just one star, characterizing staff as unhelpful, rude, or unresponsive.[1]

Another set of Google reviews for Acacia Network addiction treatment programs averaged 3.2 stars based on 15 ratings. Two alumni reported problems with the staff and treatment environment. In a more positive review, Frank wrote: “Good addiction treatment/counseling.”[2]


In addition to generally high ratings for the treatment program, the sole loved one polled by highlighted the quality of family participation opportunities. Although identifying overcrowding as a weakness, they rated the facility’s cleanliness five stars. The value of the program’s cost also received five stars.

In an even more favorable review on Google, J.P. reported that his father had been sober more than 25 years as a result of treatment.


The Acacia Network received 35 Glassdoor reviews averaging just 1.9 out of five stars. In a representative review that explicitly referenced substance abuse treatment, one former employee wrote: “I helped people […] improve their lives in spite of poor management.”[3]


The cost of services is covered by several private and public insurance plans, including Medicaid and at least one union.


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  • help from pairs at facility program. it's not a facility good rehad.
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