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The Center for Optimal Living provides innovative, personalized treatment, based on Integrative Harm Reduction Psychotherapy, for individuals and families with substance use issues, other risky or addictive behaviors, and a wide range of mental health issues.

Recognizing the complexity and multiple meanings of these issues, we promote healing and positive change through the principles of compassion, collaboration and empowerment.

We offer comprehensive evaluation, treatment and referral services to adults, adolescents, couples and families. We provide a confidential environment that fosters collaborative and supportive therapeutic relationships.

We believe that effective therapy “starts where the person is” in terms of their values, personal preferences and cultural background. Each patient receives a comprehensive initial assessment to determine their unique needs, strengths and goals; this forms the basis for a therapeutic plan that enhances motivation and positive change.

We collaborate with each patient to determine the focus of their treatment and the approach that will best meet their needs. Treatment is provided by clinical psychologists and other clinicians with expertise in substance issues, other risky and addictive behaviors, and a wide range of mental health issues. Our approach draws upon psychodynamic, cognitive, behavioral, motivational-enhancement, experiential and mindfulness-based traditions to identify and address patients’ issues within biological, psychological and social contexts.


Located in the heart of midtown Manhattan, N.Y., The Center for Optimal Living is an innovative counseling center specializing in outpatient treatment for clients seeking treatment for substance abuse, other addictive behaviors, and a variety of mental health issues. Detox services are not provided on-site.


The treatment process at The Center for Optimal Living begins with a phone consultation and all clients receive a comprehensive evaluation upon admission. This evaluation is used to develop a plan for individualized therapy. Clients work with staff members to develop and coordinate a plan comprised of individual, group, specialized, and holistic therapies.

The Center for Optimal Living uses its own unique therapy approach, Integrative Harm Reduction Psychotherapy (IHRP), which is rooted in the principles of self-management and individualized treatment plans. Each client participates in a range of different therapies designed to target the client’s specific needs. Psychotherapy is individualized to provide the maximum impact on clients’ recovery.

Holistic therapy methods are also available during treatment . These options include yoga and acupuncture. Each treatment plan includes holistic health options to help clients create a full-person recovery and to develop healthy life habits.

The facility also offers Psychedelic Therapy services designed to help those that are having trouble processing their personal psychedelic experiences. No drugs or referrals are provided during treatment. Rather, it focuses on making connections and reconciling clients’ experiences with their lives. A range of therapy methods are used including individual, group, and public group therapies.

Family involvement is encouraged throughout treatment. Family and couples therapy is available as needed to help clients rebuild family relationships. These sessions use a combination of cognitive, behavioral, psychodynamic, motivational-enhancement, and mindfulness traditions to promote recovery.


The treatment staff at The Center for Optimal Living consists of clinical psychologists and licensed social workers. Staff members have training in varying specialties including substance abuse, mental health issues, mindfulness, and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). The clinical staff holds advanced degrees in their fields including Ph.D.’s.


On the facility’s Yelp page there is one four-out-of-five star review and one five-out-of-five star review. [1] Alum Richard wrote, “Seams to be working, I decided to give this place a shot for some special treatments..You should try it if you want to achieve more optimal performance.” Alum Kervin praised the “caring helpful staff.”


At the time of this writing there has been one loved one who provided feedback about The Center for Optimal Living to The feedback was positive.

The anonymous loved one gave the facility five out of five stars for treatment effectiveness, four stars for accommodations & amenities, and four stars for meals & nutrition. He thought the facility staff were experienced and well-trained, as well as caring.

He wrote that the facility had “excellent patient treatment therapist, good facilities, great routines to overcome addictions desarrolos.” He also wrote that it would be better if there were more leisure activities and free time.

On the facility’s Facebook page, which it has the ability to manage, the facility has received an average of 4.3 out of five stars based on six total reviews. [2] No comments were provided.


No information is provided regarding The Center for Optimal Living’s payment structures or insurance coverage.


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  • During their stay, they are very worried about you all the time trying to understand you, your social life. because you turned your daily activities such as eating, your sex life, shopping .. in an abyss, because your life took an unexpected turn and suddenly you become addicted some substance, you develop some disorder or simply trust your loved ones and specialists who will help you, will be a difficult road but open yourself to them .. trust and faith. excellent patient treatment therapist, good facilities, great routines to overcome addictions desarrolos. I think that might be best leisure activities and exploit more free time.