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The Home With A Heart is a cost-free residential substance abuse treatment center for chemically-dependent men struggling with addiction. Utilizing a Christ-centered approach to addiction treatment, The Home With A Heart offers an intensive eight-week residential program based on biblical principles, daily devotions, and the 12 Steps of Recovery. The Home With A Heart is a non-profit addiction treatment facility and is supported through the generosity of local sponsors.


Home with a Heart, located in Liberty, S.C, offers residential treatment for men struggling with alcohol and substance abuse. Set on 29 acres of rural land, the facility is a cost-free, nonprofit treatment center that uses a 12-step and Bible-centric approach to recovery. The residential rehab accommodates clients who have already completed detox and are ready to make a commitment, as described on the facility’s website, to “being delivered through the love of Jesus Christ.”


Treatment is based on the idea that addiction is an affliction curable by belief in Jesus Christ. The format of the program is based on the practices of traditional 12-Step as it relates to biblical teachings and Christian principles.

The eight-week program offers a core curriculum of Bible studies, Bible classes, daily devotionals, and educational lectures. Along with group studies, residents also participate in work therapy to help support the Home with a Heart, which typically involves working at one of the organization’s five thrift stores.

Attendance at nightly Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and/or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings is required, and family members are encouraged to attend these meetings as well.


The program is run by peer counselors and preachers. According to the facility’s website, more than 50 area preachers volunteer their time to come and hold daily devotions with the men, as well as conduct Bible studies and teach 12-step principles in the framework of Christian values. To date, the three individuals polled by Best-rehabs.com on the staff’s level of experience and training provided two five out of five-star ratings and a four-star rating for this aspect of the facility.


Clients are housed in one of two 3,700-square-foot dormitories, while a 2,800-square-foot chapel features a fully equipped commercial kitchen and provides space for classes. Clients are responsible for the daily operation of the rehab, including cooking, cleaning and laundry. The facility is tobacco-free, and smoking is prohibited anywhere on campus.


At the time of this writing, there have been six alumni polled by Best-rehabs.com who offered mostly positive feedback. Offering five-star ratings for the effectiveness of of the faith-based program and the likelihood they’d recommend the facility, former client Tommy wrote: “They showed a man can change and no longer depend on drugs or alcohol to get thru life.”

Another alum, Tony., gave five-star ratings for the effectiveness of lead counselors and the facility’s ability to resolve conflict. “This is a tough love facility, designed around a Christ based formula for total life changing rehabilitation,” the alum wrote. However, one alum simply described the staff as “a bunch of hypocrites.”

The center’s Facebook page,which its management has the ability to oversee, reveals a 4.6 out of five-star average rating from 91 reviewers to date.[2] Alumni overwhelmingly shared positive experiences, and nearly all comments praised the faith-based environment. “I have found that peace in my heart and the joy that comes with walking with GOD,” Donald, a representative reviewer, wrote.


At the time of this writing, Best-rehabs.com has polled three loved ones. One loved one gave four stars for the staff’s level of experience and training, discharge planning, and exercise and leisure activities. “They show the unconditional love of Christ, they can relate with the residents emotional and physical needs,” the loved one wrote.

Lisa, on the other hand, was dissatisfied with her experience with the center, making note of lack of nutrition, lack of experienced counselors, and a lack of funding.

Another loved on, W.K.A., commented upon a positive experience while his son was in treatment, but noted that his son relapsed soon after. “I feel the program should be at least a year long,” he wrote.


At the time of this writing, there has been one current staff member, A.R., who was polled by Best-rehabs.com. This reviewer gave the facility excellent marks across several different metrics. A.R. reported that he is a member of the executive/management team and also completed treatment at the facility himself 18 years ago.

On a scale of one to five stars, A.R. gave four stars for the facility’s protocols surrounding patient treatment; for the facility’s respect for protocols surrounding patient privacy, and for the facility’s ability to inspire a sense of community among patients.

When asked about the strengths of the facility, A.R. wrote “GREAT SUCCESS RATE OF MEN STAYING CLEAN/SOBER BECAUSE OF THE FAITH BASED PART OF THE PROGRAM.” However, he did feel that the facility could improve its aftercare services for graduates.


Home With A Heart is a nonprofit supported through the facility’s own thrift shops and the generosity of local sponsors. Treatment is offered at the facility free of charge.



Home With A Heart Reviews

This place needs to be investigated. The reason it’s free is because you have to work 12 hours a day 6 days a week In their thrift stores. All they care about is processing their thrift donations and making cash which is not spent in any way, shape or form on the men in the program. The first thing they do is apply for a food stamps card in every man’s name isn’t that illegal? The owner uses those food stamps cards to feed the residence as well as his huge extended family and anything they might want. The only benefit the program provides is for the benefit of the Richie family. This is predatory rehab and it’s absolutely worst. Do not send your love ones here they will be used and abused and then put out on the street. It is so sad that it is all done In the name of Jesus Christ. These people who operate HWAH are the very money changers Jesus threw out of the Temple. I can say this with honesty because I not only was a patient but I also worked there for a short time. I truly hope they shut this place down so not one more man will suffer there.
I was totally not impressed with my son's interview. . While he was filling his application out, the interviewer was talking about hisself..not talking to my son or asking him questions. Another man came in and said he would be coming to the center on the 29th if september.. we were taken on a very short tour,basically pretty quick. Assuming my son was going in, called this morning and said that he needed to go somewhere else. He gave him three different# to call.. I feel like if they had been more upfront and not wasted our time. . Oh the interviewer, was within 3 more weeks of graduation. .
my son did so good when he was there. Unfortunately after he left, less than 6 months, he was right back where he started. I feel the program should be at least a year long. I realize the addict is the one at fault. This is an excellent program, just feel it should be longer.
Home with a Heart is and will always have a special place in my heart. It gave me my life back. And I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about getting there life back.. Suck it up cupcake!!
Meals: Carbs mostly, and anyone in the industry knows addicts need extra nutrition to recover from the ravages on their body imposed by drugs and alcohol. Counselors are RECENTLY recovered addicts, many with less than a year clean themselves. This is a "good ol' boy"" facility