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RI Crisis


RI Crisis, located in Henderson, N.C., offers short-term residential treatment to individuals struggling with a mental health crisis, substance abuse, or suicidal thoughts. RI Crisis is a branch of RI International, a non-profit organization specializing in behavioral healthcare. RI International programs focus on crisis care, peer-supported recovery, and suicide prevention.


The treatment program at RI Crisis is based around trauma-informed-care using evidence-based practices. Most clients who are admitted to the Henderson facility begin by calling a regional call center while experiencing mental health distress or considering suicide. RI Crisis has mobile response teams who meet the person in crisis wherever they are, work to de-escalate the situation, and eventually transport the individual to the facility for treatment. Most clients remain in treatment for one to four days.

Throughout treatment, clients receive individual and group therapy, medication, and referrals to facilities that offer longer-term care. Many people experiencing a mental health crisis are often taken to either the emergency room by medical responders or to jail by law enforcement. The RI Crisis facility in Henderson, N.C., provides an alternative and more appropriate option for individuals experiencing mental health distress or threatening suicide.


The treatment team at RI Crisis includes Medical Doctors and Registered Nurses.


There is currently limited information provided by the facility regarding its living arrangements and related offerings. According to the facility website, RI Crisis facilities are home-like settings featuring recliners and soft colors. The facilities are designed to limit seclusion and encourage interaction with staff members and other clients. One loved one of a client polled by Best-rehabs.com gave the Henderson, N.C. facility four out of five stars for accommodations and amenities, meals and nutrition, and cleanliness.


At the time of this writing there has been one friend or family member of a client polled by Best-rehabs.com. The reviewer seemed to have a negative view of the facility overall, but gave RI Crisis good ratings in several categories. The anonymous loved one gave the facility four out of five stars for treatment effectiveness, four stars for accommodations and amenities, and four stars for meals and nutrition. The loved one agreed that the facility is adequately equipped and staffed to treat co-occurring mental health problems, but said he or she did not know whether RI Crisis has many counseling options to choose from or whether facility staff are experienced and well-trained. The anonymous reviewer said they would not recommend the facility to a friend or loved one who was considering rehab, but did not offer any additional commentary explaining why.

On the facility’s Google page, there is an overall rating of five out of five stars based on two total reviews. [1] Both reviewers had complimentary things to say about RI Crisis. Alum C.W., who gave five stars, wrote “Best detox i have ever been to.” Another alum, D.M., supported that viewpoint. She gave five stars and wrote, “I was treated with respect and was short term which was the only not like about it. The lady that fixes food worked with me cause I’m a picky eater. Even got to smoke outside. You have to want help. This place was the best in the area.”


There is currently no information provided by RI Crisis regarding its costs. Clients are encouraged to contact the facility directly for additional information regarding the cost of treatment.


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