Ace Recovery for Men

Ace Recovery for Men Chesterfield South Carolina

Rational living cognitive behavior (CBT) teaches each resident the importance of daily recovery practice within a structured setting.


Located in Chesterfield, S.C., Ace Recovery for Men is a non-profit organization that offers residential treatment to men struggling with substance abuse.


According to the facility’s website, Ace Recovery for Men supports both men who benefit from learning a 12-step approach and who benefit from cognitive-behavioral therapy. ARM’s community is for men whose withdrawal signs and symptoms are sufficient enough to need 24/7 structure.

The 12-step facilitation is an evidence-based treatment approach, which is proved to be successful in treating individuals with both alcohol and drug disorders. This therapy address three dimensions of recovery – social, cognitive, and spiritual.

The treatment center offers cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT helps men respond in healthier ways, and adjusts unhealthy thoughts and feelings. The treatment center offers 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day programs.

Men have daily chores and a structured, productive schedule. The center also offer continuing care planning.


The Facility Manager is a licensed and certified addictions counselor and certified group Cognitive-Behavioral Therapist with over 30 years of experience.


Ace Recovery for Men’s website notes the center offers meals, and has TVs, Internet, washer and dryers, and an exercise room. The loved one surveyed by to date gave five out of five stars for accommodations and amenities and meals and nutrition.


The loved one polled by at the time of this writing provided positive feedback, and five out of five stars for treatment effectiveness.

“ARM was a godsend…They are in a supportive environment that holds them accountability for their decisions. When he completed the program he felt ready to start fresh…and sober,” the loved one wrote.


According to Ace Recovery for Men’s website, treatment costs $1,680 for 30- days, $2,980 for 60-days, and $3,980 for 90-days.

Ace Recovery for Men Reviews

Having been to several recovery centers , Ace Recovery would be the first on my list of recommended facilities. Situated far away from the hustle and bustle of urban distraction, it provided me with a safe and peaceful environment in which to heal. The food was great, the education was impactful, and it really gave me the opportunity to begin to practice those new skills which I could take with me in order to restart my sobriety. I can only say positive things about Ace , it was a great second chance for me. Besides the beautiful setting in which this center sits , Those who serve here are just incredible! Thank you Ace for giving the real me back to my family.
I learned a lot about my addiction, and left with several tools that I can use to maintain my sobriety. The staff was very friendly, but firm. The housing accommodations were excellent and the atmosphere was very peaceful. Due to the small amount of recovering addicts on campus there was a strong sense of community and friendship. I would highly recommend that anyone who is truly seeking a sober lifestyle should come to ACE recovery to begin their journey.
ACE Recovery is a tremendous treatment program that that is both great in its educational program on the nature of addiction and how to cope with it as well as a behavioral model that empowers residents to form new healthy behaviors to replace the old unhealthy ones associated with addiction. It is a treatment program that empowers individuals and helps them find the inate tools already in them in order to recover.
This facility saved my life. The director there is not only knowledgeable in addiction, but he is also very knowledgeable in recovery. My family lived in Chicago while I was in South Carolina, and for the first time they felt safe once I got to Ace Recovery for Men. The setting is wonderful and peaceful, and there is plenty of peaceful ways to get in touch with yourself going there. I loved learning about CBT, and I loved the style of teaching about the 12 steps. If I could I would give this facility a 10/5 rating for giving me the ability to live a happy life. I can't thank God enough for the people that run this facility, and their patience to help me become myself again.
read the books and listen in class, no matter how elementary the subjects and lectures may feel, apply them to your life. listen and retain the information. you can never read or write too much. good luck