My Restoration Clinic

My Restoration Clinic


My Restoration Clinic (Restoration, per the company’s own abbreviation) operates two outpatient treatment facilities in North Carolina: a pain management clinic in Murphy in the west of the state and Restoration of Greensboro, an opioid use disorder clinic in central North Carolina that provides outpatient treatment for individuals struggling with opioid addiction.


The Greensboro clinic provides medication-assisted treatment through a combination of Suboxone and counseling.

All clients begin by attending weekly counseling, which then tapers to once a month when the program is well established. Counseling is offered in individual and group settings, using both 12-step facilitation and a variety of evidence-based methodologies, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational enhancement therapy (MET), and contingency management (CM), which uses positive reinforcement. Counselors also focus sessions on skill-building.

Medical checkups too are offered in a tapering fashion, beginning with weekly meetings and reducing to every six months.

All clients must comply with a urine drug test each time they attend the facility.


Restoration is run by a team of substance abuse counselors, psychiatrists, and psychologists. The single alum polled by to date gave the facility two out of five stars for its staff’s level of training and experience.


The single alum polled by to date gave mixed feedback, skewing negative. “Does not offer any other alternatives besides the christian methods. There’s absolutely no room for error,” they wrote anonymously, giving the facility three stars for its treatment effectiveness and family participation, two stars for its counseling options and ability to treat co-occurring disorders, and one star for its holistic offerings.

Secondary review sites yielded exclusively positive commentary at the time of this writing: two five-star ratings, both left on Google.[1] Both reviewers described “a good experience” and praised the facility’s staff: “The staff at Restoration of Greensboro are professional and caring for every one. They were sensitive to my needs and helped me overcome my addiction,” J.G. wrote in a representative review.


Restoration of Greensboro accepts all insurances that cover the treatment of opioid use disorder. The center files on clients’ behalf, though any copay is due upfront: credit cards, debit cards, and cash are accepted. The single alum polled by to date gave the facility four out of five stars for its affordability.


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  • the program is based on christian fundamentals. does not offer any other alternatives besides the christian methods. There's absolutely no room for error.