Ridgeview Hospital

Ridgeview Hospital


Ridgeview Hospital in rural Middle Point, OH offers a residential treatment program for adults struggling with substance abuse issues and co-occurring disorders. Situated approximately 40 miles southeast of Fort Wayne, Ind., the hospital also provides medically-monitored detoxification services for residents.


Staff assess incoming clients using therapeutic, holistic, and medical techniques to determine the best course of treatment for them. According to their website, Ridgeview Hospital is committed to constantly improving their inpatient program and offers specialized interventions based on client needs.

The facility’s dual-diagnosis program is 12-step based and holistic, believing that the healing process integrates mind, body, and spirit. With a focus on developing positive relationships, the program uses group, individual, and family therapy. It also incorporates medication management through an affiliated pharmacy. Recreational therapy, yoga, and relaxation groups keeps clients active and motivated.


The multidisciplinary treatment team of licensed and credential staff includes psychiatrists, physicians, nurses, and therapists. The two alumni who responded to Best-rehabs.com surveys both gave the staff’s level of experience ratings of three out of five stars.


The 66-bed Ridgeview Hospital is situated in the rural countryside which, according to the website, “assures anonymity & tranquility.” It features sparingly decorated private and semi-private bedrooms, family-style eating, comfortable common spaces, and an outdoor gazebo. Clients are not allowed to bring personal electronic devices to treatment.


The two alumni polled by Best-rehabs.com at time of writing gave mixed feedback regarding the facility. Alum Andrea indicated treatment was highly effective and gave four out of five stars for staff support, meals, leisure offerings, and the overall quality of counseling. “Was in for 28 days and took in as much info as I could too help in recovery,” Andrea wrote, adding, “Very nice counselors & staff, didn’t take long to fit in.”

Alum Martin had a less positive experience and gave mostly one and two-star ratings, including one star for meals, accommodations, and holistic options. He did, however, give three stars for staff level of experience. In commentary, he noted many weaknesses: “Extremely noisey acoustics. Over-policing. Not at all holistic…Administration of policies and care is choatic, shoddy, and very spotty. Very little actual one-on-one w/ therapists. Most “groups” were more like lectures.”

Likewise, reviews on Google were mixed, with an average 3.8 out of five star rating based on 11 reviews.[1] Reviewer Luke gave five-star ratings overall and commented on the life-saving program. “The care that i received there has changed my life and i have been sober and properly medicated since leaving there over one year ago,” Luke wrote. Another reviewer, Dawn, gave only one star and felt the facility had many problems. “You are not a prisoner there, you are supposed to be a patient, treated with dignity and respect,” she wrote.


Loved ones of alumni on Google had mixed experiences with the program. While one named Amber gave five out of five stars and praised the facility for helping her mother, another, Brian, gave only two stars and complained of rude staff.


Currently, Best-rehabs.com has not received any staff reviews, however, former and current employees left ten reviews on Indeed with a collective rating of 3.3 out of five stars.[2] Staff wrote of a positive working environment with caring, top-notch co-workers. Several left complaints about the facility’s management. “Wonderful mission, great staff, poor management,” an anonymous former staffer wrote.


According to Ridgeview’s website the facility accepts Medicare and all major insurance plans, including Cigna, Aetna, BlueCross BlueShield, American Behavioral, and more.

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Reviews about Ridgeview Hospital

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One good yoga instructor for hour hour per week. Really bad food. Extremely noisey acoustics. Over-policing. Not at all holistic. They provide up to 20 cigs per day if you don't have your own. The only reason to go outside except for an hour day of recreation is to smoke on a patio w/ 20 others. Administration of policies and care is choatic, shoddy, and very spotty. Very little actual one-on-one w/ therapists. Most "groups" were more like lectures. I WAS SO UPSET W/ MY EXPERIENCE THERE I TALKED W/ AN ATTORNEY THAT SPECIALIZES IN NEGLIGENCE. THE LIST IS TOO LONG FOR HERE. For instance they took my hearing aid, case for eye glasses, and a small plastic fits-inside-nose device prescribed for sleep apnea. Non were recorded in the inventory. I asked for the nose thing repeatedly and was told it was nowhere so I must have actually forgot it. It those things were the last things returned to me when I was waiting in the van to leave. I asked specifically for help on my vitamins (of which I know very much) and they knew little. I did not get the very basic B1 until late in my stay. And that was after waitung about 2 days for a Dr. to approve my request. On what evidence? I broke a tooth while there. I asked for dental wax to cover the sharp edge. They didn't know what dental wax was. I was told that staff would look at my tooth "tomorrow" -- never happened.
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  • I'm living a clean life now, my addiction is being controlled by the meds they offered and also did some counseling aimed at my dual diagnosis (bipolar). I had a very nice experience there. Was in for 28 days and took in as much info as I could too help in recovery. Very nice counselors & staff, didn't take long to fit in.