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Bucks County Psychological Doylestown Pennsylvania

Bucks County Psychological is a premier addiction psychology group practice offering substance abuse therapy, counseling, and consultation services to the Upper, Central and Lower Bucks County communities. We use evidence based approaches including cognitive-behavioral therapy, relapse prevention, motivational interviewing , and harm reduction strategies to best serve our clientele .


Operated two facilities, with locations in the communities of Doylestown and Washington Crossing, Pa., Bucks County Psychological provides a range of counseling services for individuals struggling with mental health concerns. The treatment provider also offers evidence-based programs for individuals struggling with chemical dependency, as well as co-occurring disorders.


Before beginning treatment, clients participate in a 10-minute phone consultation, which is followed by an in-person psychiatric and/or substance abuse assessment. Unique to Bucks County Psychological, the facility coordinates with the client to produce a solutions-focused treatment plan, which is determined by the individual’s specific goals and needs. For instance, the facility offers both a abstinence-focused treatment program, as well as drinking moderation consults.

Bucks County Psychological utilizes a range of evidence-based treatment approaches, namely cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and motivational interviewing (MI). CBT is primarily designed to help clients identify and modify the relationship between irrational thinking and maladaptive behaviors, while MI helps clients to set and achieve obtainable goals.

Bucks County Psychological’s individualized approach is determined by the client’s assessed needs. If a client is struggling with trauma-related concerns, the facility may also incorporate psychodynamic therapy, which delves into any past traumatic events that may affect present thinking and/or behaviors. Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) may also be integrated into the treatment plan, helping individuals to modify their reaction, and alleviate the stress, associated with traumatic memories.

Clients struggling with a primary psychiatric concern may participate in individual therapy, as well as family/couples counseling to address any issues related to family dynamics or relationship conflicts. Bucks County Psychological also facilitates topic- or condition-related group counseling sessions. In addition, the facility may provide ongoing psychiatric evaluations and medication management to alleviate psychiatric symptoms.

As stated, clients struggling with difficulties related to substance abuse may help plan their individual treatment plan, depending on their specific goals. Bucks County Psychological offers both a harm reduction plan, such as drinking in moderation, as well as treatment programs designed to promote abstinence. Along with individual and group counseling sessions, which may utilize CBT and MI approaches, substance abuse programs also incorporate coping skill workshops to help prevent relapse. In addition, the facility offers Vivitrol and Suboxone education for individual in a medication-assisted treatment (MAT) regimen.


Bucks County Psychological is operated by a psychiatrist and team of masters-level counselors and social workers.


The sole alum polled by Best-rehabs.com at the time of this writing, A.T., praised the facility, offering a perfect five out of five-star rating for the facility’s overall effectiveness. “Very understanding and responsive,” A.T. wrote.

Secondary sources revealed that other alumni agreed. On Google reviews, 21 individuals all awarded the Doylesville location a perfect five-star rating[1]. While a majority of these reviews were offered by professional colleagues, alum Ronnie wrote: “Any person who takes the step to see her for support will not be disappointed.”


On Google reviews, the sole loved one who reviewed the Doylesville facility offered a perfect five-star rating, praising the facility’s staff and attentive treatment approach.”Last week my mother celebrated three years of continual sobriety!”loved one Hedy wrote.


On Google reviews, 10 individuals, comprised of colleagues and staff member, all gave the Washington Crossings location a perfect five-star rating[2]. Many reviewers praised the staff’s treatment approach and knowledge, specifically in the area of substance abuse treatment. One representative reviewer described the staff as “deeply caring and compassionate…”


Bucks County Psychological charges $160 per counseling sessions and accepts a range of private insurance plans, including Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield.

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Bucks County Psychological Reviews

The doctor here is a professional colleague to whom I confidently refer any clients who are struggling with substance abuse. He is thoughtful, caring, brilliant, and has in-depth expertise in the treatment of substance use disorders. When it comes to substance abuse treatment, I know of no other provider in the Philadelphia area who can bring the unparalleled level of experience, knowledge, and genuine consideration that he offers his patients.
Very understanding and responsive.