Jefferson University Hospitals: Narcotic Addiction Rehab Program (NARP)

Jefferson University Hospitals: Narcotic Addiction Rehab Program (NARP)


Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals’ Narcotic Addiction Rehab Program (NARP) in Philadelphia provides outpatient medication-assisted treatment, and in particular, methadone maintenance and ambulatory detox services. Clients of the group’s Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior can also receive intensive outpatient treatment for non-opiate dependency and co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders at the same location. Jefferson University has offered addiction services since 1972.


Admission to Jefferson University Hospital’s methadone clinic requires an application and longterm, current opiate use verified by urine testing. Accepted individuals can usually begin treatment within two days, according to the facility’s website. Clients also undergo medical and psychiatric evaluations, used to prepare individualized, holistic treatment plans that address addiction as a disease. Facility staff provide referrals and help to coordinate care with outside medical professionals, as well as providing medication management services for those in dual diagnosis treatment.

All NARP clients participate in educational sessions and individual and group therapy. A 2016 federal government list of rehab facilities indicates that trauma-informed, cognitive behavioral therapy is utilized in the clinic and that smoking cessation support is offered as well. Clients can attend Narcotics and Methadone Anonymous 12-step meetings on-site but are encouraged also to participate in the substance abuse recovery community outside the clinic.

Additional services include HIV/AIDS testing and counseling, couples counseling, and community education.


Jefferson University is a teaching hospital and behavioral health treatment team members include interns as well as board certified psychiatrists and licensed therapists. One psychologist on staff has published research on methadone maintenance treatment.


The NARP methadone clinic is accessible on the main hospital campus via public transportation, including regional train, bus, and trolly lines. Several paid parking options are also available on-site and off.


Feedback on the Thomas Jefferson University’s Hospitals methadone clinic tends to represent the program as effective but the treatment environment as not ideal. The one individual polled to date by identified therapy groups as a strength while rating the facility’s cleanliness and upkeep just one out of five stars. The alum, A.S., awarded high ratings of four and five stars for several aspects of treatment measured, including opportunities for family participation, the availability of options in counseling approaches, the staff’s level of training and experience, and NARP’s capacity to treat co-occurring addiction and psychiatric concerns. Concluding that it “takes dedication to work,” A.S. also gave five stars for the effectiveness of treatment. Affordability of treatment received a slightly less favorable rating of three.

On Google, alum R.M. agreed with A.S., writing, “It’s what you make of it!” The reviewer characterized the facility as discreet and very busy, with a diverse clientele. Another alum, Mike, shared some concerns about other clients’ lack of commitment to the program, but agreed that the treatment was effective. Altogether, 11 individuals contributed to an average rating of 2.4 out of five.[1]

Likewise, two reviewers offered mixed opinions. One especially critical alum emphasized environmental challenges, characterizing the clinic as unorganized and indiscreet and theneighborhood as too busy. Another alum agreed that it was not a helpful setting for remaining clean.[2]


Offering a more favorable review, one friend of a client rated the methadone clinic four stars on Google. “The people who work at this clinic try to do a good job. They are conscientious and polite despite the erratic behavior of many of the clients,” the loved one wrote.


One NARP treatment team member concurred with alumni who found treatment to be effective and the staff experienced. In survey responses, they awarded five stars for affordability and three for counseling options, concluding that their likelihood to recommend the facility to others was five out of five.


Fees for methadone treatment at Jefferson University Hospitals are assessed on a sliding scale and financial aid from a nonprofit agency contracted by the city of Philadelphia is accepted.


Reviews about Jefferson University Hospitals: Narcotic Addiction Rehab Program (NARP)

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  • They took her for daily exercise, aid her to bathroom, help clean up mess and help fill out meal menus. Gets irritated after calling them more than 3 times. Doesn't seem caring enough. Its good but it could be better .
    • Treatment Effectiveness
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    Groups, Not to clean .The program works, but you have to be dedicated to getting off Drugs.