Any Length Recovery Community

Any Length Recovery Community


Any Length Recovery Community (ALRC) is a long-term residential recovery facility located in the small town of Sumter, South Carolina, 35 miles east of Columbia. ALRC is one of only 10 long-term residential facilities in South Carolina. Medical detox is not available at this facility, though the facility can refer clients to a local detox center if necessary.


The facility’s name, “Any Length,” refers to the center’s dedication to an individualized length of stay. Residents may stay as long as needed to recover. However, the average length of stay is six months to a year. The length of stay may be determined by an initial assessment, the client’s progress in treatment, and their readiness for self-sufficiency.

The facility’s website touts a “spiritual awakening” as the goal of treatment. Each day begins with a morning meditation, and features numerous counseling and educational meetings throughout the day. An alumni review submitted to indicated that treatment was strongly based on the 12-step model of recovery. Recreational activities include golf and volleyball, as well as trips to the movies.

Becoming self-sufficient is among the primary goals of treatment; new residents attend daily “job search” meetings, and all residents participate in a “job-finding system” honed over 14 years of practical application. After residential treatment is complete, clients may transition to the sober living facility, Philip’s Place, while preparing for independent living.


The facility is staffed 24/7. All staff members are themselves in recovery, and many of them are graduates of ALRC’s program. The two individuals polled by to date gave a four- and perfect five-star rating for the staff’s level of training and experience.


The centers houses up to 65 men and 18 women at any one time. Upon arrival, residents are placed in a three-bedroom apartment with a senior resident. Once they’ve graduated from the first phase of treatment, clients move into one of 32 gender-specific, two-bedroom apartments where they have private bedrooms, kitchens, and living/dining areas.

Clients shop, cook, and clean for themselves, and help to maintain their own yards. The two individuals polled by to date gave the center four- and five-star ratings for the cleanliness of the facility.


Both alumni polled by to date indicated that they would recommend this facility. One alum, J.J., painted a picture of a facility with a very strong core program, but slightly lacking extracurricular activities. J.J. gave five stars for the center’s 12-step program, and four stars for its counseling options. However, the holistic offerings and family participation received just two stars each, and the treatment for co-occurring disorders, one star.

“A lot of meetings and classes , the also teach u to live on life terms,” J.J. wrote, though they added that the facility was in a bad neighborhood.

At the time of this writing, secondary sites yielded almost exclusively positive feedback. On Google reviews, five individuals gave the facility an average rating of 4.2 out of five stars. [1]. On the facility’s Facebook page, which the facility has the ability to manage, the facility enjoys a 4.8-star average rating, based on 115 reviews.[2]

“This place is sacred ground! A beautiful place that gives us time to find ourselves and learn who we are are and also teaches us how to live anew sober way of life! ” B.E. wrote in a representative review on Facebook.


There is currently no information provided by the facility regarding its treatment costs; however, the single individual polled by to date on the center’s affordability gave it five out of five stars.



Any Length Recovery Community Reviews

Strengths: A lot of meetings and classes , the also teach u to live on life terms Weaknesses: bad area. Facility is very good