Shalom House Ministries – Shalom Center

Shalom House Ministries – Shalom Center


Set on 104 woodsy acres in the small northwest South Carolina town of Belton, Shalom House Ministries operates a faith-based, long-term, women’s residential rehab center. Called Shalom Center, the facility provides treatment and a structured living community to women struggling with drug and alcohol abuse.


The admissions process at Shalom Center requires results from medical tests (including pregnancy) conducted prior to an interview with facility staff. An application available online prompts women to provide medical, mental health, addiction, legal, and religious histories.

Residents remain in treatment for up to nine months, progressing through a sequence of three, 12-week phases. The program relies heavily on Christian teachings and 12-step concepts. During the first 90 days, women attend in-house support groups as well as off-site meetings. Other outside connections are limited, including family visitation, although weekly family therapy groups are held.

The focus of the middle phase of treatment at Shalom Center shifts to chemical dependency education along with work on relationships and patterns of behavior related to drug and alcohol use. During the final 90 days in treatment, clients develop work skills and prepare for sober and independent living beyond rehab.

Shalom Center is one of three programs offered by the Ministries. The second is transitional housing, which is available for up to a year following completion of long-term treatment, and the third is a transitional employment opportunity at the organization’s antique mall.


There is currently no information provided on the facility’s website regarding its treatment staff, but data collected from a single survey respondent reflects satisfaction with a well-trained, supportive staff.


Shalom Center opened in 2008. Photographs on the facility’s website feature expansive lawns, a pond, and woods, as well as a chapel on-site. There are also images of alumni reunions at the center. While no other details regarding living arrangements or related offerings are provided by the facility, the alum polled by provided high ratings for most aspects of accommodations.

Meals and nutrition, opportunities for exercise and leisure activity, the facility’s cleanliness and upkeep, and the visitation policy each received four or five out of five stars. Rules regarding connection with the outside, such as phone and Internet use, were rated just three stars.


In addition to indicating satisfaction with accommodations, the sole alum who submitted a review to provided positive feedback on treatment elements like the quality of the lead counselor and of group counseling, flexibility in counseling approaches, and the effectiveness of treatment overall. The alum described a “loving staff who guide you in the direction of healing and hope.”

Nine Google reviewers gave largely positive review, offering 4.6 out of five stars. A single one-star review reported that “some people clearly fall through the cracks,” while a more positive reviewer touted “many great success stories.” On the facility’s official Facebook page, which can be monitored by staff, 75 reviewers rated the facility 4.8 out of five stars. One alum, Hollie, characterized Shalom Center as life-saving and especially appreciated the use of a 12-step curriculum and the Bible.


Ratings submitted by a mix of friends and family on the Facebook page did not to include written comments. A number of reviewers mentioned religious aspects favorably, and several praised the program’s help in restoring family relationships.


At least one Facebook review was written by a current staff member who expressed her ongoing desire to remain working at the center.


Shalom Center publishes its fees online, which include $2,100 for each three-month phase of residential treatment. Some donation-supported scholarships are available.

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  • strength:It is full of loving staff who guide you in the direction of healing and hope. This is a faith based program.