Morris Village Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Center

Morris Village Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Center Columbia South Carolina

South Carolina Department of Mental Health’s Morris Village Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Center provides inpatient substance abuse treatment services to chemically dependent adults struggling with addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. Services provided include medically supervised detoxification, medical care, group, individual, and family counseling, addiction education, 12-Step services, and more. Treatment services cater to individuals’ specialized gender and cultural needs and address individualized co-occurring substance abuse and psychiatric issues.


As a state-run facility, Morris Village Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Center assists adult South Carolina residents who are struggling with substance abuse. Evidence-based treatment is offered on an inpatient basis, with specialized programming for gender concerns and co-occurring addiction and mental health disorders. The Columbia facility also provides medical detox and stabilization services.


Admission to Morris Village Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Center can be voluntary, emergency, or court-ordered. Typically, clients have a history of prior treatment and relapse or are experiencing severe consequences or symptoms of chemical dependency. All incoming individuals undergo comprehensive psychological assessments and psychiatric evaluation is provided as needed. According to a 2011 profile by the state, the average length of inpatient treatment is between 20 and 30 days.

The rehab center draws from 12-step principles and relies heavily on group therapy sessions. Clients should also expect to participate in individual and family counseling, educational sessions, activity therapy, case management, and vocational counseling. One specific treatment modality referenced on the facility’s website is trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy.

Morris Village strives to address holistic recovery in culturally appropriate ways, through non-denominational spiritual guidance, medical care, and physical activity. Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous meetings are led on-site by local community members.


The director of Morris Village holds a Master’s of Divinity degree and is an experienced alcohol and drug counselor. The medical director is board certified in psychiatry and addiction medicine. Also included on the facility’s treatment team are nurses, licensed and certified counselors, and activity therapists.


According to the state’s website, the center is structured as a small community; clients share bedrooms in 14 cottages set around the periphery of an inner courtyard. A library, barber shop, and cafeteria are located in the center of the campus. Also on-site are a physical activities center and occupational therapy building.

Visitation can be scheduled following loved ones’ participation in a Morris Village Alcohol and Drug Addiction family education course. No personal electronic devices are allowed.


Eleven former clients had submitted feedback for Morris Village to at the time of this writing. Nearly 75 percent would recommend the facility to others and found the treatment effective.

The six individuals surveyed more extensively tended to agree on both strengths and weaknesses, awarding an average rating of 4.5 out of five stars for the staff’s level of training and experience, but just two stars for holistic therapy offerings, the latter presented as a priority on the facility’s website. Alum B.P.H. characterized counselors and case managers as helpful, committed, and knowledgeable, while another reviewer appreciated the fact that some staff members were in recovery themselves. On the other hand, three alumni expressed disappointment in exercise and leisure activities, depicting a facility with limited options beyond group therapy.

Opportunities for family participation, another Morris Village priority, also fared less favorably, with an average 2.6-star rating from five individuals polled.

Opinions were split on the quality of meals and the facility’s cleanliness and upkeep, averaging ratings of 3.8 and 3.7 respectively. One reviewer wrote that meals were unsubstantial, while another acknowledged food was not restaurant quality but still “good.” Andrea characterized Morris Village as “dirty, understaffed” and Becky agreed, especially noting inadequate supervision of clients.


Feedback from seven loved ones was split between five overall critical and two positive reviews. Areas of overlap with alumni complaints included meals and insufficient staff attention to clients. The two individuals polled by granted higher ratings on average than alumni for family participation and holistic offerings. Opinions of staff experience were mixed. Two of the seven reviewers mentioned that staff members did not treat their family members respectfully and praised the doctors’ expertise while noting a need for more support staff training.


Treatment costs are not published on the Morris Village or South Carolina state website, but the facility does report that services are offered regardless of an individual’s ability to pay. Many insurance plans are accepted, but not Medicaid or Medicare. Seven individuals polled by on the affordability of treatment contributed to an average rating of 3.1 stars.

Morris Village Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Center Reviews

I need to know if I can get on on self pay
This place was a life saver I had fun times with all my friends and staff I highly recommend it to all of you who are were I once was great food and activities nice room to sleep in but most of all great treatment the staff care about your feelings and will go out of the way to help and because of them I now have 2 years clean and tomorrow is my birthday and my first one Clean and sober thanks Morriss Village you are remembered
A loved one of mine was forced to endure a daily lack of respect while he was already feeling despair. He was treated like a criminal rather than an individual in treatment. Activities were degrading and he witnessed the nursing staff in the main cottage engorging themselves during working hours in patients' quarters rather than during properly scheduled breaks in a staff lounge. He stated that he was often hungry because patients were served small meals that a dog would not eat. It breaks my heart that he and others were treated as though punished. This is not acceptable and this post will also be shared on pages that you will not have control over editing.
I have just recently left this facility for alcoholism & benzodiazepines use. Whilst initially sceptical due to these negative reviews. It ended up being one of the best things I could have ever done. The staff are fantastic, especially the case counselors, If you have a bad attitude and are just plain disrespectful and rude then they will respond to that negativity. The staff truly are all there to help you. It's not about the $$s for them. It has an amazing educational program, concentrating on relapse prevention, psychology therapy, family dynamics, health education and so much more, regarding getting clean and staying clean. The food is good, this is not an ala carte restaurant. The accommodations are really quite nice and very clean. Again this is no 5 star hotel or spa. It's a treatment facility. But I'll tell you, it changed my life. You get out of it what you put in. Don't blame the facility for your bad attitude and reluctance to grow and learn. This place can and does save lives.
i am sorry but this rehab is awful! i can't imagine people coming for first rehab and staying sober. i am sober but have been to other rehabs including state funded holmesview in easley,sc so much better. wish mv could get help from them!