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Changed Lives Ministry


Founded in 2003 and now located in a wooded area northwest of the small town of Moncks Corner in rural southern South Carolina, Changed Lives Ministry (CLM) brands itself as a “Christian Rehabilitation Center.” It offers a residential treatment program and a transitional living facility for men struggling with chemical dependency. CLM is among eight substance abuse treatment facilities in the state that do not accept payment for its services.


Clients interested in attending CLM go through an initial screening process, which includes a telephone conversation, application submittal, medical screening, background checks, and interviews with family members.

CLM’s main program lasts 10 weeks and is founded on “faith in God, strong work ethics, and the basic practice of self-discipline.” The curriculum as well as the rules for living are based on the Bible. Residents may participate in spiritual counseling, Bible study sessions, worship services, and educational classes on relapse prevention.

During their time at the facility, residents, who are monitored closely by staff members, follow a structured daily routine intended to nourish them and help them grow. Despite the reference to strong work ethics, the facility’s website does not detail any work commitments residents must complete during their stay.

Following residential treatment, clients may progress to the semi-structured CLM Transitional House program, which requires church attendance and offers opportunities to meet in small groups and continue to grow through fellowship with other Christians.

During this optional phase of treatment, residents may participate in a career planning course, which provides career counseling, employment planning, and help with writing resumes, budgeting, and interviewing. Resident staff members help with the daily operation of the transitional living facility.


There are no medical staff on-site; should a medical emergency occur, it is handled at a local hospital. There currently is no further information provided online by the facility regarding its treatment staff, however, the one alum polled by to date awarded five out of five stars for the staff’s level of training and experience.


After several temporary settings, CLM moved to its current location off Reid Hill Road in June 2006. Clients in the program receive housing and meals and may not bring vehicles or personal electronic devices to treatment with them. Participants are limited to two pieces of luggage and need to come with their own twin-size bedding, blanket, and towels.

Subject to approval, immediate family members may visit on weekend afternoons after clients complete the first five weeks of treatment; this does not include girlfriends, who are only welcome to attend graduation.


An alum polled by to date provided highly favorable feedback about CLM. This former client offered perfect and near-perfect ratings for the major categories of the survey: the top five stars for treatment effectiveness, and high four out of five stars for accommodations and amenities and for food and nutrition.

The reviewer carried this rating pattern through to numerous other metric, offering five stars for administrative/discharge policies, exercise and leisure, level of staff training and experience, treatment of co-occurring disorders, and the likelihood they’d recommend the facility. In addition, they gave four stars for connectivity, counseling options, and family participation. “Christian based,organized,and cares… Really cheap they care about you treat you like family,” the anonymous reviewer wrote, despite adding that they felt treatment had too heavy a religious influence.

On secondary sites, reviewers also offered highly positive opinions about the facility at the time of this writing: 4.4 out of five stars based on five reviews on Google; and five stars based on five reviews on Facebook, which the organization can manage. [1] [2]

Most reviewers who left commentary praised the leadership and its Christian- and Bible-based approach. Trey on Google wrote: “A place where men’s lives are changed for eternity.” In a similar sentiment, Brian on Facebook wrote: “This place truly did, for me, exactly what the name said it would!!!!”


There is an application fee of $25 and a $300 refundable medical deposit payable in cash or money order upon admission into the program. Otherwise, treatment at CLM is free to residents, funded by donations, community support, and grants.

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  • Christian based,organized,and cares. Too religiously influenced Really cheap they care about you treat you like family.