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Faith Home Inc - Abbeville Women's Facility Abbeville South Carolina

Faith Home is a Christian rehabilitation center for alcoholics and drug addicts. It operates with the belief that the solutions to problems caused by drugs and alcohol can be found through faith in God. The program is straightforward and has proven successful in the majority of cases. Individuals are provided with a separated and natural environment for eight weeks, away from negative influences. By interacting with others facing similar challenges, they can begin to understand the fundamental truths of life and why they have stumbled along the way.


Since 1966, Faith Home, Inc. has offered residential Christian addiction recovery programming based on the belief that “solutions to drug and alcohol abuse can be found through faith in God along with the 12-step programs of Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Al-Anon.”

Currently, the nonprofit manages three residential facilities, one of which is dedicated exclusively to the treatment of women. Medical detox services are not available at this location. Within the state, Faith Home is among 10 substance abuse treatment facilities that provide long-term, residential non-hospital care for more than 30 days.


According to the nonprofit’s admissions page, there is typically a waiting list period of five to six weeks for women seeking treatment at the Abbeville facility. To be admitted, clients must demonstrate 72 hours of sobriety from alcohol and seven days of sobriety from drugs, as well as pass a drug screen and breathalyzer test.

The residential program typically requires an eight-week commitment. Treatment includes Bible study, early morning devotions, 12-step meetings, and regular church services. All residents also participate in a daily work program referred to as “physical therapy,” which involves tasks such as yard work, kitchen work, house cleaning, and facility and grounds maintenance.

Recreational and social activities offered include basketball, hiking, fishing, fitness, ping-pong, foosball, choir, and community service projects such as volunteering at local food banks and nursing homes. Families are invited to join their loved ones in treatment on designated days and times.


The facility does not provide information about its treatment staff. However, it clarifies that it is not a medical facility and does not have medical doctors on-site.


Photos on the facility’s website depict an attractive, roadside clapboard building surrounded by trees and green space. The interior includes a comfortable communal area with couches, chairs, a fireplace, and a TV.


Although has not yet received reviews from alumni, two Facebook sites have provided highly positive feedback. An official Facebook page managed by the organization, known as Faith Home Friends, has an average rating of 4.9 out of five stars based on 157 reviews, with 94 percent of reviews earning a perfect five stars. The unofficial Facebook page for the Faith Home of Abbeville also holds a perfect five-star average based on seven reviews.

Reviewers, including alumni and their loved ones, express gratitude for the faith-based program, the staff, and the connections they made. Many mention how the experience changed their lives and even saved them, like Tj who said, “Truly amazing place. Mrs. Barnes and the staff are the best and make you family. It works if you work it. Thank you Faith Home, you saved my life.”


Based on a survey conducted by, one loved one gave Faith Home – Abbeville Women’s Facility a largely positive review. The ratings awarded to different categories reflect this positivity: five stars for both treatment effectiveness and meals and nutrition, and four stars for accommodations and amenities.

For other metrics, such as connectivity/visitor policy, counseling options, likelihood to recommend, and staff experience and training, the reviewer consistently awarded four stars. However, the reviewer did offer lower ratings of two stars for family participation and holistic offerings, and one star for affordability and facility cleanliness and upkeep. The reviewer, Carol, shared with “Some staff are recovering addicts which gives them a clear understanding of what an addict is actually experiencing… Great place to learn and overcome addiction.”


Faith Home Inc. operates six thrift stores in Greenwood and Spartanburg counties. The proceeds from these stores are used to provide treatment free of charge.

Faith Home Inc – Abbeville Women’s Facility Reviews

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  • It is a faith based treatment center, if there's a change in the heart there will be a change in the mind.Some staff are recovering addicts which gives them a clear understanding of what an addict is actually experiencing. Fa it home has two facilities. Male and female. Great place to learn and overcome addiction. The one weakness I see is they do not detox! Faith home really cares!!! Not just about money.If someone really wants to go they can despite financial situation.