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Charleston Recovery Center Charleston South Carolina

The Charleston Recovery Center is an alcohol and drug rehabilitation center with one primary purpose: to help men and women who suffer from alcoholism and drug addiction. CRC oversees an alcoholism and drug addiction treatment program , an alcoholism and addiction rehab, a half way house, and a sober living community for men and women in Charleston South Carolina.


Based in scenic Charleston, S.C., Charleston Recovery Center (CRC) provides a variety of treatment services for adult men and women struggling with substance use. The nonprofit organization specializes in residential treatment, but an intensive outpatient program (IOP) and sober living accommodations are also available.


While CRC strongly recommends their 90-day residential program, an abbreviated 30-day residential program is made available to clients when appropriate. Treatment is highly structured and based on the 12-step model of recovery. Clients divide their time between meditation, group workshops and counseling session, Big Book study, and recovery meetings.

Family members are encouraged to visit frequently and participate in their loved ones’ treatment. CRC is one of only 19 residential treatment centers in South Carolina, and one of only nine facilities that offer short-term residential treatment.

Residential program graduates may access IOP, continuing care, and sober living support through CRC’s additional services.


The center employs individuals who have personal experience with addiction. The facility’s website notes that some employees have college degrees and professional experience, while others do not. Out of the dozens of individuals polled by to date, a vast majority felt that the staff was well-trained and experienced.

Staff’s Level of Experience and Training: 4.4/5


The center’s residential facility is located on six acres of wooded countryside located alongside Highway 61. Clients live in a homelike facility with a modern kitchen, comfortably furnished common areas, shared bedrooms, and an on-site pool. Clients are required to participate in the upkeep of the home and perform basic chores. Golf instruction is available to participants and their families through a special program with the PGA. The 11 individuals polled on the matter praised the facility’s cleanliness and upkeep.

Facility’s Cleanliness and Upkeep: 4.7/5


Out of the over dozen alumni polled by to date, most praised the effectiveness of treatment, reporting that they would highly recommend the facility to others. The alumni also appreciated the level of family participation.

Likelihood to Recommend the Facility: 4.4/5
Family Participation: 4.2/5

Brian, a 90-day program graduate, reported that he stayed an extra five months because he enjoyed the center’s community. “I have been to 6 previous rehab in years past and this is the only one I would recommend for anyone who is struggling with addiction.” Alum C.L. added: “I unexpectedly found grace and joy, and I am now equipped with the knowledge and tools to live life as a recovering alcoholic with much hope.”

While alumni praised most aspects of the facility, some felt the facility lacked recreational activities, and alumni offered a more moderate average rating for the facility’s visitor policy.

Visitor Policy: 3.6/5

Reviews on secondary sites were equally positive. On Google reviews, four reviewers gave Charleston Recovery Center an average rating of 4.2 out of five stars.[1]


Out of nearly a dozen loved ones polled by to date, nearly all survey respondents also felt the facility was highly effective, clean and well-staffed. Loved ones also expressed gratitude for the attentiveness of staff members, the facility’s counseling options, the level of family involvement, and reported that they would highly recommend the facility.

“My son and daughter in-law have both found hope and freedom from alcoholism through the Charleston Recovery Center. You can trust them with your family members care,” C.W.W. wrote in a representative review.

Likelihood to Recommend the Facility: 4.8/5
Counseling Options: 4.6/5
Family Participation: 4.4/5

However, echoing some alumni opinions, some loved ones felt the facility lacked holistic treatment options.

Holistic Offerings: 3.6/5

Despite mostly positive ratings for this aspect of treatment, a handful of loved ones expressed frustration with the center’s level of family involvement. “My loved one and I chose this place based on the false information that they provide family care. It is quite the opposite,” B.S.C. wrote.


The sole employee polled by to date also praised the facility, offering perfect five-star ratings for the facility’s level of family participation and visitor policy, as well as a four-star rating for its counseling options.


There is currently no information provided on the facility’s website regarding its costs; however, the individuals polled by felt the facility was overall affordable.

Affordability: 4.1/5


Charleston Recovery Center Reviews

Charleston Recovery Center is the best thing that ever happened to me! Last year I saw no real purpose in life, but now I am celebrating 14 months sober and a life I never could have dreamed possible. I never imaged life could be this good sober! My life is now filled with purpose, peace, happiness, serenity and laughter. When I have down days, I am blessed with love, encouragement, guidance and a family at Charleston Recover Center willing to help me work through difficulties and grow from them. My relationships with my parents and siblings are also better than I ever thought possible. By the grace of God and the wonderful people that surround me and support me, I finally have a life worth living!
This place has saved my life and countless others. I am able to be a mother and a daughter today. I have the best friends I have ever had before. Best of all I have a purpose in life now... helping another woman who has been through what I have.
This place has done nothing short of save my life. When I came in not only was I heartbroken from a deep level of grief, but I was completely broken as a person. I had chosen drugs to try to fill the massive hole in my life. I had no idea how to accept the mistakes I had made or the person I had become I couldn't be there for myself let alone my family.. The staff not only has taught me how to begin to love my self again but how to successfully live the life I have always wanted. All though its a life long commitment I thought I would never be able to make and keep, for the first time in my life I see a future that I want, I actually see me being happy. The staff Loved me till I could love my self and how to love the people around me. They also taught me how to live life on life's terms. I have gained a family I never expected to actually be a part of, I wouldn't have had a future with out them. If you feel lost like only an addict or alcoholic can all this place requires is to just be willing to think maybe this can work for you. They will do the rest
Thank you Charleston Recovery Center for saving my life. I came in to treatment broken and not knowing how to live life as a productive member of society. I have been able to use what I have learned here to get my life back and be of service to others in my community. I am extremely grateful to this program for helping me accomplish this. Thanks again.
This place was great for me it offered me a true solution for my drug/ alcohol problem and didn’t just try to throw maintenance drugs at me. During my time there I was surrounded by people by who understood my disease from experience and were fighting this battle with me. I loved that I was never analyzed by any psychologist. The staff were extremely helpful with there knowledge and first hand experience which made all the difference.