Buffalo Valley Inc. – Hohenwald

Buffalo Valley Inc. – Hohenwald


Buffalo Valley Inc was founded in 1979 and operates multiple substance abuse treatment centers in Tennessee. The Hohenwald facility, located approximately 80 miles southwest of Nashville, is one of 69 (30.4 percent) residential care centers and one of 193 (85 percent) outpatient treatment centers in the state that specialize in substance abuse and co-occurring disorders.

Hohenwald is also one of the 27 (11.9 percent) Tennessee substance abuse facilities that provide on-site medical detox.


The treatment process includes an initial screening to evaluate the substance abuse disorder and identify any co-occurring disorders.

For individuals requiring medically-monitored detox, services are available 24/7 for up to five days.

The residential treatment program is based on the 12-step model and incorporates individual and group counseling, motivational interviewing (MI), meditation classes, a family program, life skills workshops, and relapse prevention work. Additional services include job training, job placement, GED support, and vocational rehabilitation.

A partial hospitalization program (PHP) is offered up to seven days a week, and intensive outpatient programming (IOP) typically consists of three sessions per week.

Aftercare options include Buffalo Valley’s transitional housing and connections to support systems such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA).


The treatment team at Buffalo Valley Inc, as stated on their website, includes a psychiatrist, a psychologist, a full nursing staff, and licensed counselors. The staff’s level of training and experience was rated favorably by 10 former clients and their loved ones.

Facility staff are experienced and well-trained: 3.4/5


No information is currently provided regarding the living arrangements and amenities. However, 11 former clients rated Buffalo Valley’s accommodations and amenities above average.

The facility is clean and well maintained: 3.5/5

This facility offers excellent leisure, exercise, and extracurricular options: 3.1/5


Reviews from alumni of the Hohenwald location were mixed. Out of 17 alumni surveyed, eight had positive reviews, six had negative reviews, and three had mixed reviews. Negative feedback included complaints about ineffective treatment, poorly maintained facilities, uncaring and inexperienced counselors, and difficulties in treating co-occurring disorders. However, several satisfied clients mentioned that the facility was clean, well-maintained, and had knowledgeable doctors and psychologists. Three reviewers credited the facility with changing their lives.


Reviews from friends and family members were equally divided. Out of eight individuals polled, four had negative feedback while four had positive feedback. Common concerns raised were poor communication with families and a lack of individualized treatment and client concern. However, positive feedback mentioned that the program was adequate for their loved ones and helped them on their recovery journey.


One staff member expressed high ratings for the training level of the staff, the facility’s programming, and its affordability. Additionally, this staff member stated their belief in the effectiveness of the program. However, a volunteer at a homeless shelter who interacted with women from the Hohenwald program had negative feedback, stating that none of the women reported a reduction in their addictions and that the facilities were poorly maintained.


While the facility’s costs are not listed online, nine former clients and their loved ones rated the center’s affordability highly.

Buffalo Valley Inc. – Hohenwald Reviews

Yes, i was very impressed about the order in which this facility operated. The councilor were understanding and helped me to look at life on life's terms. I know I've been blessed with almost 1 year of sobriety. Thanks tremendously!! Rick Mcneely
Counselors are very good In the middle of nowhere. Poorly funded. I had to leave because my medication was administered properly. They do not have experience in treating co-occurring disorders.
nasty campus bed bugs, lice not recommended for rehab They did not provide a safe, clean environment Treatment was ineffective
Good staff.
The Staff were good. The staff to client ratio was too big. I believe treatment is what you make of it. They definitely give you the support and tools but the work is up to you.