Vanderbilt Behavioral Health

Vanderbilt Behavioral Health


The Behavioral Health Addictions Program at Vanderbilt Psychiatric Hospital in Nashville offers inpatient and partial hospitalization substance abuse treatment for adult men and women. Co-occurring mental health disorders are treated along with drug and alcohol addiction, and medically supervised detox services are available on-site. Additionally, the facility offers behavioral health treatment programs for children and adolescents.


Admission to treatment is available 24/7, and hospital staff members recommend the least restrictive level of care appropriate based on initial assessments. The partial hospitalization program meets seven days a week.

Vanderbilt’s Addictions Program is based on a 12-Step model and emphasizes education. Treatment plans are tailored to meet both the physical and emotional needs of each client. In addition to an introduction to the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous and access to 12-step meetings, treatment services include individual and group psychotherapy, family counseling, physical conditioning, and recreational activity designed to support sober social choices. Group sessions cover such topics as anger management, sex and health education, and spirituality, with an emphasis on incorporating the client’s own beliefs into their recovery process.

Comprehensive aftercare services are provided as well, and staff members work with clients to put together a thorough relapse prevention plan to follow upon release.


The Vanderbilt Behavioral Health team is comprised of board-certified psychiatrists associated with the medical school, doctorate-level therapists, registered nurses, and licensed social workers, including one with a Master’s of Divinity.


Website photographs present a clinical environment with simple furnishings. Vanderbilt Psychiatric Hospital is a smoke-free campus. While no further details are provided regarding the facility’s living arrangements and related offerings, a total of seven individuals polled by contributed to average ratings of 4.3 out of five stars for meals and nutrition and 4.0 for cleanliness and upkeep. Metrics measuring policies regarding phone and internet use and exercise and leisure activity fared less favorably, with one reviewer noting a need for more exercise options.


Seven former clients submitted mixed reviews to, granting an average rating of 3.7 stars for the effectiveness of treatment. One reviewer gave just one star, reporting that they received the wrong treatment. Two identified counseling as a program strength, while one wrote that not much counseling was available. The four individuals polled on the staff’s level of training and experience gave an average rating of four stars, but a rating of 3.3 stars reflected less satisfaction in opportunities for family participation.

Of the five alumni asked to rate the affordability of treatment or to indicate whether the cost was worth it, two responded positively and two negatively.


One family member responded to a survey, rating most aspects of the facility evaluated three or four stars. They agreed with a majority of alumni that treatment was too expensive but also that it was highly effective and the staff was “great.” Accommodations and the availability of holistic treatment each received four-star ratings.


On the employment data website Indeed, 12 current or former staff members of Vanderbilt Psychiatric Hospital contributed to an average rating of 4.3 out of five. About one-third characterized the facility as having a fast-paced environment, and most noted that they enjoyed helping patients cope and working with other treatment staff.[1]


Vanderbilt Behavioral Health accepts coverage from many commercial health insurance providers and TennCare. The facility’s website also states that a sliding fee scale is applied for clients who have no health insurance and who have a documented financial need.


Vanderbilt Behavioral Health Reviews

Was advised to go there by my father bc wasnt sleeping well worst decesion of my life yes i destroyed sum of his property excuse the grammar tired from job anywho i had taken ectasy a little and i guess filled with the caffeine along with the stimulant part of the drug i was stressed in life at the point low on fiances girlfriend and i at the time was just blessed with the news of a baby and she had kicked me out and was acting with drama over me throwing away sum of her harry potter memorabilia i admit i was stressed excited and confused with what all was going on at the time i made a spiritual mistake and was trying to do my own spritual cleaning without taking care of my own plank in my eye anyways i turn myself in to try and honor my fathers wishes since i was temporarily housing there i get there and for sum strange reason rather tired definitely remember being dehydrated i told the nurse there that i have a promblem with paedophiles because of seeing tik tok videos talking about epstein and elites and stuff and it breaks my heart and mind to even think people are like that i know weird but had to get it off my chest and mind it sickens me anyways they give me lithium and melatonin do not do lithium no good in simple terms i took there and when i was out have had sucidal thoughts would never but would never think i would carry those thoughts and it makes u quick to anger looking back two yrs from now for the help of next person in this situation needed alone sleep time and water and alot of fiber when we ate there alot of stuff that seemed to keep your bowels locked with the meds they where giving and also sum people in there with god help them serious promblems and i was a little nervous about overeacting with the patients there during my stresful period in life and having to stay lord knows how long there knowing i shouldnt be here anywho if anybody goes through this this is my opinon and suggestion read your bible to enhance sleep make sure u get sleep at all cost with proper hydration and alot of fiber good food antioxidants thanks with love no disrespect to vanderbilt they are top notch in medical field they did a wonderful job on my heart surgery when i was a freshman in high school thanks to doctor fisher just being honest so the practice can be better thanks again and sorry for improper grammar and spelling
Counseling was a strength of the facility but the other facilities were weaknesses. Just needs more versatile options for exercise.
great staff. good therapy. wayyyyy tooo pricey. if costs were more affordable, more folks could get help.
while your stay you meet with a panel of doctors to review how you are feeling and if the detox meds need to be adjusted. the maximum stay is 10 days and i would of loved to stay longer. this was a great facility. the staff is very caring and they detox you and also counsel you.they go over information so you know why you are an addict and also how to prevent was a wonderful program.i just wish it was a longer stay
It worked for me, even though I wasn't a life long addict, just 4-5 years.