Mt Zion House- A Christian Rehabilitation Center

Mt Zion House- A Christian Rehabilitation Center


Located on 15 acres in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, MT. Zion House is a faith-based residential program for adult men seeking treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. The program requires a minimum commitment of 26 weeks and involves three separate phases, each of which centers around developing a personal relationship with Christ and the accompanying 12-Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. Detox is not available onsite.


Mt. Zion House’s long-term, faith-based residential treatment program for adult men is one of Wisconsin’s 41 long-term treatment programs, as well as one of the state’s 93 programs offered specifically for men.

The treatment process at Mt. Zion House is faith-based (Christian) and combines evidence-based treatment methods with Biblical teachings. Clients participate in the faith-based version of 12-Step fellowship, which is found in nearly 48% of U.S. treatment facilities. During the residential program, clients attend weekly 12-Step group meetings, as well as participate in regular individual counseling. Daily Bible study and discipleship are included in the program.

The program consists of three separate phases. In Phase I, lasting for four weeks men follow a highly structured schedule of educational classes, counseling sessions and group discussions, church services, work, and therapeutic recreation.

Phase II is a transitional and lasts for eight weeks. During this phase, men focus on securing a full-time job and begin paying for their housing and food expenses. Some assistance in job hunting and vocational training are provided, which is available in 38.6% of U.S. treatment facilities. Men continue attending classes, sessions, and discussions as their work schedule allows, typically in the evenings.

Phase III is a 14-week period where men have the opportunity to receive additional privileges for demonstrating improvement in the program. As clients continue to develop, they will begin to transition into a sober living lifestyle in preparation for leaving the treatment program.


Many of Mt. Zion House’s staff members are graduates of the program who are invested in helping others find and create their own path to recovery.


Mt. Zion House can accommodate up to 24 men at a time. With a large kitchen, dorm-style bedrooms, and shared bathrooms, the facility provides men with all their essential needs while enabling them to focus their efforts primarily on recovery. Men also have access to Mt. Zion Church’s gym, set only a short walk away. Throughout treatment, clients gain access to additional amenities and privileges.


The single survey respondent to date gave Mt. Zion mostly positive feedback. The loved one gave five out of five stars for its level of family participation, facility cleanliness, affordability, and the level of staff experience and training. However, they gave only one out of five stars for holistic offerings, counseling options, and the ease of connectivity with their loved ones during treatment. “Church-based facility that helps you also build a relationship with God,” the loved one wrote, citing “Helping you find yourself again and ways to deal with future temptation” as a facility strength.


Participation in Mt. Zion House requires a one-time admission fee of $700. Once clients enter Phase II of treatment, they pay a weekly fee of $175. Self-pay is the only method of payment accepted, and most payments are made in cash.


Mt. Zion House has a presence in the local community through the treatment program and through the Mt. Zion Christian Church. The facility focuses on evangelism as a means of reaching people in need. The program and the church reach out to the community in order to identify those in need and provide services wherever possible.

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  • Strengths:Helping you find yourself again and ways to deal with future temptation. Weakness:Only for men Church based facility that helps you also build a relationship with God.