ACT Counseling & Education

ACT Counseling & Education


ACT Counseling and Education is a Phoenix, Ariz. based counseling service offering drug, alcohol, and gambling counseling through intensive outpatient (IOP) treatment. Operating out of three locations (Glendale, Chandler, and Scottsdale), ACT serves adults, families, and couples.


Treatment begins with gambling, substance, and DOT assessments. Clients will go through a blend of one-on-one therapy sessions, acceptance therapy, and commitment therapy. Gambling, alcohol, and drug counseling clients meet for three hours one night per week.

Programs emphasize relapse prevention and recovery coaching. Family programs last 12 to 20 weeks and focus on building relationships and trust. The center’s Actualizing Change Program lasts 16 weeks and addresses how to build better relationships and a new life post-recovery. There is also an eight-week IOP and a 20-week life skills group.

Expert consultation on gambling and substance abuse is provided at ACT, along with an anger education program. Aftercare support is available for those who need it.


Staff members include substance abuse counselors and a family program coordinator certified to work with compulsive gamblers. These employees work beneath a clinical director.

WHAT ALUMNI SAY has not received any responses from alumni to date, but two reviewers on Google gave the Scottsdale location five out of five stars.[1]


The sole reviewer to offer feedback to date was a staff member of ACT Counseling & Education. Connie wrote that “training for interns” and “experience of staff” were particular strengths of the program. She also gave high rankings for the staff’s honesty and protocols, and noted that the clients always came first.


At the time of this writing, there is no information provided on the facility’s website about its pricing or coverage.


ACT Counseling & Education Reviews

Treatment EffectivenessTrained at Hazelden and worked there for seven years. Three years in an extended program for women. Certified to work with compulsive gamblers over ten years. Strengths include experience of staff, patient needs come first. Training for interns.