The River Source IOP and Day Treatment

The River Source IOP and Day Treatment Mesa Arizona

Our outpatient treatment program offers flexible times that allow individuals to participate in both their daily affairs and treatment. We also offer day treatment for those who might work or attend school in the evenings.

Before you begin your treatment with us we will assess your specific needs and develop a custom treatment plan. Our outpatient treatment is always centered on holistic healing, which means your program will include treatment and therapies for the mind, body and spirit.


The River Source is an Arizona rehab center with a specialization in naturopathic and medical care, combined with 12-step processes to treat drug and alcohol addiction. The center’s intensive outpatient program is located in historic downtown Mesa. Residential treatment, including detoxification, is offered at the program’s Arizona City facility.


Outpatient programming at The River Source in Mesa serves as a continuation of care following residential treatment or as a first step in rehab. All treatment plans blend talk-therapy, 12-step participation, and holistic care.

Clients can expect to receive life skills training and relapse prevention preparation focused on developing self-esteem and healthy relationships in recovery. Individual and family counseling are offered, along with nutritional counseling, IV therapy, on-site yoga sessions, meditation, and access to sauna and acupuncture treatment.

Both evening and day schedules are available.


The River Source’s staff comprises naturopathic medical doctors and registered nurses, as well as master’s-level therapists, licensed substance abuse counselors, and life coaches.


The River Source website represents the outpatient facility as comfortably furnished with group meeting spaces, a yoga room, and plush chairs for receiving IV treatment.


At the time of this writing, has received feedback for The River Source’s intensive outpatient and day programs from five former clients. All offered highly favorable reviews, with each one citing the personal recovery experience of staff members as a strength. Two also highlighted the value of the program’s 12-Step emphasis and two highlighted the holistic and physical support provided.


The sole loved one polled by to date awarded five out of five stars for each of 15 metrics measuring treatment and accommodations. These included family participation, counseling options, the facility’s cleanliness, and the staff’s level of training and experience. “Stress free, amazing staff, really care about your health and well being,” the reviewer one wrote.


The River Source does not publish its outpatient rates, but accepts most private insurance plans, including Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, Health Net, Humana, MultiPlan, and United Heathcare, according to the facility’s website. Financing is available through M-Lend Finance

The River Source IOP and Day Treatment Reviews

Overall outstanding experience. The staff is in recovery and can relate to the newcomer's experience with the recovery process as well as pass on their own experience - especially regarding the Step One surrender experience.
Strengths: Staff that is in recovery who genuinely care about patient's getting the help they need. They have a phenomenal 12-step based program that teaches about the disease of addiction and how to maintain your recovery. Facility is a little over a half hour drive away. I celebrated 3 years of sobriety this past October. The River Source is my recovery foundation and had a huge part to play in why I am who I am today. Thank you for showing me that there is a better way of life and teaching me how to achieve it.
Wonderful facility
compassionate staff with personal experience, great message of recovery. My experience at The River Source was exceptional. I came into treatment with a gunshot wound and dietary needs. The River Source accommodated both. I was impressed by the patience and flexibility of the medical staff to address my unique situation. I felt like The River Source provided me with individualized treatment. The accommodations and the staff were top notch. I have been to multiple treatments and comparatively, The River Source staff was wonderful. They understood addiction and could provide me with direction and recovery. It seemed that most of the staff were in recovery themselves. The message of recovery at The River Source was very strong. After all, that is why I went to treatment. The focus was on recovery, not on providing me with a "summer camp". I۝appreciated this as recovery is a matter of life and death for me. The River Source also had a strong connection with the recovery community outside of the facility. They helped me connect to recovery beyond their walls. This has proved vital to my continued sobriety. I ended up staying at inpatient for 4 months and then did outpatient for 2 months. I am glad I followed through with both levels of care. I had a good experience with both inpatient and outpatient. I highly recommend The River Source for people who are serious about getting recovery.
Holistic - mind, body, spirit Yoga Comfortable Medical Detox 24 hour Medical Care Strong Foundation in 12 Steps Individual Counseling Group Therapy Outside Sponsorship Continuing Care Planning Delicious Food were all strengths of the facility. My last 2 years in active alcoholism and addiction was a nightmare. In and out of detoxes, emergency rooms and treatment. Something miraculous happened at the River Source and I am forever grateful. The staff openly shared their experience with recovery and I could tell they knew what they were talking about. Trust was established and it became easy to take suggestion and follow direction - a key component to recovery. In my 6th year of sobriety, the gifts keep coming and life has taken on new meaning. I highly recommend the River Source to anyone struggling with alcoholism and/or addiction.