Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program DBA New Directions

Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program DBA New Directions


Established in 1993 and located in Stockton, California, New Directions is a reputable facility that offers outpatient and residential treatment services. It is worth noting that only around 38 percent of all treatment centers in California provide residential treatment. New Directions specializes in providing effective treatment to individuals, both men and women, who are struggling with long-term substance abuse and criminal problems.

According to New Directions’ official mission, their primary objective is to guide individuals who have lost control of their lives due to addiction towards a path of recovery. They aim to help these individuals overcome substance abuse and learn how to lead productive, crime-free, and fulfilling lives.


New Directions offers evidence-based treatment that typically spans between six months to one year. The program is grounded in the well-established 12-step approach, which has proven to be effective in facilitating recovery. Furthermore, the treatment center goes beyond addressing substance abuse alone and also focuses on emotional growth and development.

The program encompasses approximately 55 hours of comprehensive treatment per week. This includes various components such as identifying the root causes of addiction, understanding the nature of the disease, acquiring relapse prevention skills, attending parenting and GED classes, participating in domestic violence classes, developing employment readiness skills, and receiving assistance with employment and family reunification. Clients also benefit from lectures, group therapy sessions, and individual counseling.

The dedicated counselors at New Directions work closely with clients to develop personalized treatment plans and help them rebuild healthy relationships with their loved ones.


New Directions boasts a highly qualified staff of 40 individuals who provide round-the-clock, 24/7 care. Counselors at the center expertly manage a caseload of 10 clients, leveraging their extensive training and experience. Many staff members are in recovery themselves, and some have even completed the program at New Directions. According to a survey conducted by, one employee rated the staff’s level of training and experience with a perfect score of five out of five stars.


New Directions can accommodate up to 74 male clients and 20 female clients in dormitories with shared bedrooms. While primarily focused on providing effective treatment, the facility also ensures that clients have comfortable accommodations and necessary amenities. According to the survey, one staff member gave accommodations and amenities a rating of four out of five stars.

REVIEWS collected feedback from one staff member, who had mixed opinions about treatment effectiveness but praised the holistic offerings and counseling options. The staff member mentioned, “This was a typical 12-step program that aimed to provide comprehensive recovery support to individuals. It emphasized the importance of community, family involvement, and featured caring staff members.”

Additionally, New Directions has received reviews on Google, where it has an average rating of 4.1 out of five stars based on seven reviews. The majority of comments were positive, with one alumni stating, “This program changed my life.” [1]


New Directions is financially supported by a Housing and Urban Development grant, allowing them to offer free treatment to homeless individuals. Based on the results of the survey, one staff member affirmed that the treatment provided was undoubtedly worth the cost, rating it with five out of five stars.


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  • This was your typical run of the mill 12-step brainwash and send them out into the world with their "recovery program". Community, Family involvement, some of the staff were very caring individuals. Some of the staff would talk bad about clients. They should not have been working there.