Kaiser Permanente Chemical Dependency Recovery Program

Kaiser Permanente Chemical Dependency Recovery Program


In operation since 1945, Kaiser Permanente is the largest integrated, managed healthcare organization in the United States. Located in Cupertino, CA, on the western edge of Santa Clara Valley, Kaiser Permanente’s Chemical Dependency Recovery Program (CDRP) provides specialized, outpatient treatment for adults and adolescents struggling with substance abuse issues. Detoxification is not available on-site, but these abstinence-based treatment programs are offered in both English and Spanish.


Before beginning treatment, clients have an initial evaluation with clinicians to determine the most appropriate level of care. The Cupertino location offers three specialized programs: early recovery groups to kick start sobriety; long-term recovery groups for those maintaining sobriety; and decision groups for individuals unsure if they have a problem.

In addition to group counseling, Kaiser Permanente’s CDRP program provides educational classes and family therapy. There are even educational groups for loved ones, including co-dependency and parent/child communication classes. Relatedly, the CDRP has an adult children of alcoholics group, offering support for clients who grew up in a chemically dependent household.

In conjunction with primary treatment, clients are strongly encouraged to participate in a community-based 12-step program. Kaiser Permanente’s CDRP program of Cupertino holds morning and evening sessions on weekdays and morning sessions on Saturdays.


Cupertino’s CDRP has an experienced team of certified addiction counselors and mental health professionals.


Two alumni of Kaiser Permanente’s Chemical Dependency Recovery Program provided feedback to Best-rehabs.com to date. They praised the effectiveness of their treatment and gave perfect five-star ratings for treatment effectiveness. Alum J.M.W. wrote: “They specialize in behavioral health, but support rehab, too.” J.M.W. also noted, however, that a negative aspect of the program was the “long wait to get in.”


Like alumni, loved ones gave the facility positive ratings. Citing “excellent care and very clean” as reasons for recommending, a parent reported to Best-rehabs.com: “Kaiser staff were wonderful and compassionate.” Another anonymous loved one described the staff as “friendly.” They added: “Good job throughout.” this person gave a perfect five out of five-star rating for the categories of family events, accommodations, meals and nutrition, leisure, counseling, staff support, leadership, pricing, cleanliness, and f family involvement.

Overall, family and friends provided the highest ratings for the staff’s level of training and experience, counseling options, affordability, and overall treatment effectiveness.


Employee feedback from secondary sources also suggest superior patient care. On Glassdoor, an anonymous intern of the medical center wrote: “It’s a great opportunity to be surrounded by individuals (at least in management) who are driven and motivated to offer the highest quality of care for their members.”[1]


Kaiser Permanente offers its own healthcare coverage plans for its network of facilities. Based on a sliding scale determined by the client’s income, these plans may be partly or completely subsidized through the Affordable Care Act. Kaiser Permanente San Jose Medical Center also accepts Medi-Cal, Medicaid, and Medicare.


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