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Mary Lind Recovery Centers - Rena B Recovery Center Los Angeles California

Rena B. Recovery Home is committed to delivering high-quality addiction treatment services to individuals who are dependent on welfare. Our residential rehab facility offers a comprehensive six-month recovery program in a secure, organized, and supportive living environment designed to educate and empower each resident. With a focus on adult education and vocational guidance, we provide our clients with the opportunity to take control of their lives and plan for a successful future. Our program incorporates 12-Step work, one-on-one therapy, group counseling, and other therapeutic modalities to help our clients manage their addiction and lead a sober life.


Since 1949, Mary Lind Recovery Centers has been a leading provider of residential substance abuse treatment for men and women. Rena B Recovery Center, which was located in Los Angeles, California, was one of our locations. However, it has since become a part of Social Model Recovery Systems. Our co-ed six-month residential program serves individuals from some of Los Angeles’s most impoverished areas. Please note that medical detoxification services are not available on-site.


Our organization is dedicated to providing affordable access to addiction recovery, adult education, and job training for men and women. We utilize a social model philosophy within our community-based program. When clients enter our treatment program, they are assigned a case manager who designs an individualized treatment plan tailored to their specific needs.

At Rena B Recovery Center, the initial 90 days are focused on assisting the client in achieving sobriety. This is accomplished through the implementation of the 12-Step approach, individual and group counseling, substance abuse education, anger management classes, and grief counseling. While daily twelve-step meetings are available on-site, clients are required to attend a minimum of five Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings within the community each week.

The second half of treatment is primarily dedicated to academic and vocational classes aimed at preparing our clients for employment. We offer literacy training, classes on interpersonal skills, résumé preparation, job-search strategy, and interview practice. Additionally, there are workshops available on parenting and family reunification.

Throughout the six-month treatment program, residents must engage in a minimum of six hours of recovery-related activities per day.


According to our facility’s website, all counselors at Rena B. Recovery Center are either certified by the California Association of Addiction Recovery Resources (CAARR) or are actively working towards certification. Our treatment team includes kitchen staff, counselors, and case managers.


Our facility features a comfortable and homelike setting. We provide fully-furnished bedrooms and common areas, and our residents receive three hot meals a day prepared by our kitchen staff and fellow residents. Our location is conveniently located within walking distance to public transportation and shopping venues. The facility consists of three buildings, a patio area, and a large, multi-use room.

In order for residents to gain visiting privileges, they must have been in the program for at least 30 days. Weekday visiting hours are between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m., and weekend hours extend from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.


As of this writing, has received four reviews about our facility. Two of the reviews were negative, and two were positive. The negative reviews centered around the transition from Mary Lind to the Social Model Recovery, where some program changes were noted. One staff member commented, “The days of dragging people with no money off of skid row or out of McArthur Park are over. We have VERY VERY few indigent beds and even at that it is $200.00 to come in. I’ve been there longer than a minute seen lots of changes.”

The two positive reviews awarded the facility five out of five stars for treatment effectiveness and meals and nutrition. One alum praised the vocational program offered at our facility.

On Google, our facility has received a rating of 4.4 out of five stars based on seven reviews to date. Many alumni have commended the quality of the meetings. In one representative review, alum Darin wrote, “Excellent meetings there.”


According to Social Model Recovery’s website, we accept health insurance plans for payment. Additionally, self-pay options are available.

Mary Lind Recovery Centers – Rena B Recovery Center Reviews

I don't agree with the way the system is but I absolutely loved my counselor she was good ppl Idk her name but she had super short blond hair at the very back of the building kudos for helping me with the taxi still clean and sober and loving life I'm very blessed thank God
I come my first program was the Maryland Foundation Rena B Recovery Home Royal Palms Recovery Home in Bimini recovery home I've been to all three houses many of times is it good program and always been a good program I just wasn't ready but that was back in the days when is accepted General Relief and food stamps I want back to the Maryland foundation in 2001 Rena B and I completed the program and I start volunteering as a housekeeper I got hired as an employee and I got promoted as a first face advocate and I work for the Rena B for 2002 to 2006 and then back then the manager didn't like me end up getting me fired back then the director for what he said and I end up going out and using and drinking over it then I came back to the Maryland Foundation in 2011 of June 16th Bimini house got me a sponsor want through the 12 steps and been clean and sober every since when I got to the Bimini recovery home I had a desire to stay clean and sober I am coming up on 7 years now by the grace of God when I got to the Bimini house it was assistant manager mr. Manuel the manager was curl very very very very good people I'm very spiritual fit and they helped me a lot and I love them I think the Bimini from my life and I think the Maryland foundation for my life amen have a blessed wonderful day
This place should be under government review. It appears that they week internal controls and they don't appear to have the patients best interest in mind. The staff is ill equipped to handle the seriousness of which they are being entrusted to do. They have a high turn-over rate which shows that they have week controls. They process payments and provide no accounting for those payments. The premises are not well kept, it looks like any run down ghetto, project housing unit. Suggestions- Prepare a mission statement and stick to it. replace the existing staff and get people in there that are professionals, not X addicts with limited use of the therapeutic techniques and languages. Bottom line this place is a mess and it will not treat anyone's addiction.
  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
  • I was a client at Rena B twice for over 8 months both times. I am not from LA and this was my first treatment center. It was amazing start to my journey of recover and now I have over 2 years clean and sober, I have a full time job, own my own company, and I am doing amazing things with my life. This facility teaches you how to live in the real world, and yes the staff is a little tough but the REAL WORLD, is tougher and the lessons you learn there are to set you off into the world clean and sober and STAY CLEAN AND SOBER. I also got my GED at the Royal Palms which is amazing as well (they paid for everything) and now my life is amazing. Thanks
  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
  • They have a few indigent beds but awful to get one. Mgmt HR were negatives. The facility has too many vague rules food is awful some staff just screams all day.
    Unfortunately Mary Lind no longer exists. Social model recovery centers has taken over. The days of dragging people with no money off of skid row or out of McArthur Park are over. We have VERY VERY few indigent beds and even at that it is200.00 to come in. I've been there longer than a minute seen lots of changes, we accept AB109 clients SSI SDI CAL WORKS BUT AGAIN ON A VERY LIMITED BASIS. It is 3,500.00 per month unless your insurance will cover you. I can't remember the Rena B ever being as empty as it is now we all must pray if we generate income we will be able to help more indigent clients. In 2011 we nearly closed and that's part of the reason for all the money where can you live for 266.00 per mo NOWHERE God has our backs
  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
  • After I learned about my disease in this facility and found that it was ran by recovering addicts I was able to trust the process having seen proof standing in front of me. ... It was stern but we as addicts play the game so well if we didn't have someone who knew the game we could run the game... but not here. I was [upset] at first but then that's what I needed to do was get [upset], not be able to control the outcome of the drama and eventually not wanting to be apart of the drama. After completing the program I volunteered for a year then worked there for 2 years after that. This was one of the best things that has happened to and for me. Rena B. has a staff of well educated (street and book) counselors that will help you through the process and that was what I needed.....HELP.