Spirit Of Life Recovery Centers, Inc.

Spirit Of Life Recovery Centers, Inc.


Spirit of Life Recovery Centers, in the central Florida, Lake County small town of Mount Dora, is a nonprofit, faith-based rehabilitation facility for men struggling with addiction and substance abuse. The Spirit of Life treatment approach is built on the original 12-step Alcoholics Anonymous model and a work program designed to support “recovery in the real world.”


Men are admitted to the facility based on a written application which covers their history and their current circumstances and state of chemical dependency. Following a personal interview, for a client to be admitted he must make a commitment to participate in the Spirit of Life Recovery program for at least nine months and to gain employment.

Treatment incorporates individual counseling, process groups, and educational classes. While the 12-step model provides the main structure and philosophy, Christian study programs called the Alpha and Relational Ministry Series are also integrated into the facility’s philosophy and schedule.

Rehabilitation progresses through four phases, which the facility’s website names orientation, regeneration, relational ministry, and re-entry. During the first stage, men focus on self-assessment and initiation into a 12-step process and fellowship. With the assistance of staff, they also begin to search for a job.

The regeneration segment of Spirit of Life rehab emphasizes the development of a new self-image, based on bible study. Men are given increasing responsibilities and opportunities for activity as they progress in recovery. The third phase prioritizes fellowship as clients develop communication skills and caring relationships.

In the final phase of rehabilitation, men prepare to transition out of the facility, working on a plan to prevent relapse. They receive financial training and learn other practical tools for living independently and soberly. Throughout the program, they work the 12-step program and maintain off-site jobs.


A brief mention of counselors and staff on the facility’s website describes them as “trained and experienced.” There is currently no further information provided by the facility regarding its treatment staff. However, two business data search websites indicate that Spirit of Life Recovery Centers was founded in 2008 by its current director, a pastor. According to FindTheCompany, the facility employs five individuals, while Manta reports approximately seven.


The long-term, 60-bed residential center is very close to the beachfront of one of three natural lakes in and around Mount Dora.


Feedback from former clients was very critical. The single alum polled by Best-rehabs.com described staff as unavailable and uneducated and the facility as dirty. He gave one out of five stars to all but two of 15 metrics measured, including family participation, accommodations, and treatment effectiveness. The availability of a faith-based program and the centrality of a 12-step model to the facility were both rated three out of five stars.

Similarly, three YellowPages.com reviews, one of which was a repeat of the Best-rehabs.com review, also had one-star ratings. Alumni complained of poor quality food and limited treatment. One wrote: “This facility is catered more for sober living. Not a rehab!”[1]

The facility had a slightly higher average on Google, with an overall rating of 2.2 stars from five reviewers. The sole five-star reviewer left no comments, and the three one-star reviewers wrote complaints about the facility’s food, management, and class cancellations.[2]


According to its website, the program’s costs are covered by clients’ income earned from employment during their rehab stay. Spirit of Life Recovery Centers requires that each client contribute to his own personal savings account, as well, to prepare for life after discharge.

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  • Filthy dirty, no nurses for medication handling/dispersing,no VA knowledge, uneducated staff, unsafe, unsanitary... a disaster waiting to happen