Cove Recovery Center

Cove Recovery Center


Located in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Cove Recovery Center offers treatment for substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. Programs are available in different intensities, including residential, intensive outpatient (IOP), partial hospitalization program (PHP), and sober living. A detox program is available on-site.


Treatment lasts 30 to 90 days and is based on the 12-step model. It may include individual, family, and group therapy, trauma workshops, and educational lectures with a focus on relapse prevention.

The facility focuses on a holistic approach and offers music and art therapy, yoga and meditation, and nutritional counseling, as well as acupuncture.

Treatment is available in a variety of intensities, including intervention services, residential treatment, partial hospitalization (PHP), intensive outpatient care, and sober living.

In addition, a thorough aftercare plan is created for clients upon discharge that may include referrals, continuing therapy, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings, and placement in a sober living program.


The treatment team consists of physicians, registered and licensed nurses, licensed social workers, masters level therapists, a nutritionist, and a chiropractor.


Clients live in an apartment-style residence with private and shared rooms. They have access to a shared kitchen and a common area, with a flat screen television. Clients eat three prepared meals per day and have access to a laundry service. Clients participate in recreational activities in the community on a weekly basis, including fishing, pottery classes, and concerts.


At the time of this writing, has not received any alumni reviews for Cove Recovery Center.

On its official Facebook page, which the Cove Recovery Center can manage, the facility earned 4.6 out of five stars from 12 reviews. [1] Many of the reviews praised the staff. In a representative review, alum Spencer wrote: “The Cove staff is great from the techs to the therapists, everyone has been so helpful in every aspect of being here. Also, the staff is so patient and there’s always someone to talk to if you need it.”

On Google, the facility received 4.1 out of five stars from 17 reviews to date. [2] Many of the reviews praised the staff members and the recovery process. In a representative review, alum Scott wrote: “The Cove Center for Recovery provides its clients highly individualized therapy. There have been so many people that have recovered from severe drug addiction. I highly recommend the Cove for any serious about their recovery.”


To date, has received one review from a loved one, whose daughter was still in recovery at the time of writing. The feedback was fairly negative, with the exception of treatment effectiveness, which received four out of five stars. The loved one gave a mere one-star rating for its accommodations, before noting that their loved one did not like some of the staff members.


According to the facility’s admission documentation, residential treatment costs $1,475 per day, $975 per day for day or night program, $650 per day for IOP, and $200 per hour for outpatient services. The facility does accept health insurance.


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Word on the street is that many of the clients, allegedly, do not like the Director.