The Road To Freedom

The Road To Freedom


Located in Lake Worth, Fla., The Road to Freedom provides faith-based treatment to people struggling with substance abuse, mental health disorders, or co-occuring disorders. It is one of the state’s 208 (29.1 percent) residential centers, along with offering outpatient services. In addition, it is one of the only 73 (10.2 percent) substance abuse treatment facilities in Florida with detoxification available on-site.


According to the facility’s website, Road to Freedom combines faith-based treatment with medical and behavioral therapy approaches to treatment. The facility’s treatments are based on a faith-based, 12-step recovery fellowship. Many residents begin treatment with medically-assisted detoxification process, which helps clients stop using substances safely and comfortably.

Programming in the residential program includes individual counseling, group therapy, pastoral counseling, Bible study, 12-step immersion, worship services, family workshops, relapse prevention workshops, and aftercare services. Specially programming is also available for individuals struggling with co-occurring mental health disorders.

The center also offers a wide variety of holistic therapies, including therapeutic massages, chiropractic care, laser therapy, acupuncture, relaxation therapy, physical therapy, yoga, nutritional counseling, and meditation.

Road to Freedom’s outpatient program is often used as an aftercare option, helping residents transition from inpatient treatment into a sober lifestyle. Outpatient treatment plans can include many of the same aspects as residential treatment, such as pastoral counseling, prayer and meditation, Bible study, and holistic services.

Road to Freedom has a Court Liaison Program for clients dealing with legal issues. The center also has a family program, which educates family about addiction and how members of the family are affected by it.

The family program additionally highlights issues such as codependency and enabling behaviors. The program is offered in a two full-day intensive workshops. During the workshop, family members learn how to set healthy boundaries with their loved ones, communicate, and how to rebuild trusting relationships.


The facility’s website notes the treatment team includes pastors, Christian addiction counselors, doctors, therapists, and other professionals. In Florida, 98.4 percent of all substance abuse treatment facilities have higher education requirements for staff. The sole loved one surveyed by at the time of this writing awarded the center staff’s level of training and experience five out of five stars.


Pictures on the facility’s website indicated shared rooms, a community center, a cafeteria, a media room, outside areas, a volleyball court, a basketball court, a serenity garden, and a serenity room. The sole loved one polled to date gave a five-star rating for the facility’s cleanliness and upkeep.


While had yet to receive feedback from the facility’s former clients at the time of this writing, five Google users to date all gave perfect five-star ratings.[1] All five former clients praised the staff’s level of care and the effectiveness of treatment programming. In a representative comment, S.O. wrote: “The activities they provided were extremely helpful.”


The single family member polled by at the time of this writing provided a positive review, and gave the center five out of five stars for nearly every polled category, including treatment effectiveness, holistic offerings, counseling options, and effectiveness in treating co-occurring disorders.

Despite indicating that the facility itself was a little cramped, this loved one strongly agreed that they would recommend this center to others. “Offering a strong Christian program, well staffed, the pastors are amazing,” the individual wrote.”Nothing but positive. Saved my brother’s life. Restored our family,” she added.


According to the facility’s website, the center accepts most major insurances. The single loved one polled by to date provided five out of five stars for the facility’s affordability.

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  • strength:Offering a strong Christian program, well staffed, the pastors are amazing Need more wiggle room. Weakness:A little cramp with staff and rooms. Nothing but positive. Saved my brother's life. Restored our family.