ABC Health Group L.L.C. – Matrix Center

ABC Health Group L.L.C. – Matrix Center


Located in Wichita, Kan., the Matrix Center is operated by the ABC Health Group L.L.C. The Matrix Center provides substance abuse outpatient treatment for adults (18+) suffering from opioid addiction. The Matrix Center uses a combination of evidence-based medical and psychosocial treatment methods to treat addiction. These methods include Methadone, Suboxone, and Subutex treatments combined with individual and family counseling. Aftercare support through drug screenings is available. Medically monitored detox is not available.


New clients for ABC Health Group L.L.C.’s Matrix Center start with a confidential assessment to determine their eligibility. Each client must make an appointment with the intake department to be considered for the program. All clients must be an adult (18+) and have a history of opioid addiction that has lasted for at least 12 months. The assessment is used to determine how to best treat the client including determining what medications are most appropriate and determining if the client is ready for treatment. Medically-managed detox is not available through the Matrix Center.

Treatment at the Matrix Center consists of medication management and counseling based on the disease model of treatment. The Matrix Center uses Methadone, Suboxone, Subutex, Buprenorphine, and Naltrexone to wean clients off of opioids and to control withdrawal symptoms. This allows clients to focus on making the appropriate behavioral changes through counseling. Based on the needs of most clients, treatment lasts up to 90 days.

The Matrix Center also prioritizes family involvement and education as a means of establishing sober living habits. Clients participate in individual counseling sessions to address their individual addiction experiences. Clients are also encouraged to work with their families to change problem behaviors and develop support networks. Aftercare support can be provided through random drug screenings to promote continued sobriety.


ABC Health Group L.L.C.’s Matrix Center treatment team consists of a physician, licensed counselors, and nurses, as well as several administrative and facilities management members. The medical and counseling staff are well-trained and licensed in their respective areas, and have extensive experience working with addiction recovery clients.

The Matrix Center maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Even though it has had BBB accreditation since 2011, no complaints have been filed against the business.


At the time of this writing, only one alum submitted a review to about the Matrix Center. The review was mostly positive. Alum Crystal gave five out of five stars for the facility’s level of family participation, cleanliness, affordability, available counseling options, and the staff’s experience. She would highly recommend the facility.

She gave three out of five star ratings for its connectivity, holistic offerings, and exercise options, as these were not prioritized in outpatient treatment.

On Google, the facility earned five out of five stars from nine reviews to date.[1] Many of the alumni mentioned caring staff members, a clean facility, and solid treatment operations. In a representative review, alum Amber wrote: “Fabulous place. The best methadone clinic in Wichita, hands down. Nothing like the other methadone clinics at all. It’s always nice and clean inside also.”

On its unofficial Facebook page, the facility earned opposing feedback: a one- and a five-star review to date. [2]


ABC Health Group L.L.C.’s Matrix Center accepts self-pay clients, but does not provide information about accepting insurance. There is an intake fee of $40, and other treatments are on a fee schedule posted on the facility’s website. Methadone services cost $9 per day, Subutex costs $15 per day, and Suboxone costs $15 per day. All three service options include counseling in the per day rate.


Reviews about ABC Health Group L.L.C. – Matrix Center

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The counselors are knowledgeable and compassionate. They not only help with treating your current addiction but they help you try and understand the underlying cause and triggers so it becomes easier to feel in control therefore helping you to make healthier choices. This facility specializes in opiate addiction such as heroin and prescription pain medication. However they also help treat any addiction you may suffer from even eating disorders. The counselors help you with any problem you may feel affects your mental health or triggers addiction. Very clean and welcoming place. I was able to successfully treat a 10 year heroin and method addiction with the help of The Matrix Center and I've maintained my sobriety for 2 years now.