Cumberland Hall Hospital

Cumberland Hall Hospital


Located in Hopkinsville in southwestern Ky., Cumberland Hall Hospital offers specialized, age-specific inpatient treatment programs for individuals struggling with psychiatric disorders, chemical dependency, and co-occurring disorders. It also provides programs for military personnel and is among 16 hospital-based treatment facilities in the state to offer medically-monitored detoxification services.


After inpatient admission, clients participate in an initial mental and behavioral health assessment to help clinicians form an individualized treatment curriculum. If clients require detoxification, the process typically lasts between three and five days; they then may transition to the chemical dependency inpatient program to continue treatment.

The adult inpatient treatment program for chemical dependency typically lasts 28 days and is founded on the 12-step model of recovery. Patients attend on-site 12-step meetings, participate in Big Book studies, and perform associated “step-work.” They engage in a structured schedule of educational classes, as well as individual, group, and family counseling sessions that utilize cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

The adolescent program (ages 13 to 17) for chemical dependency involves accredited, on-site schooling, which clients attend for six hours of daily instruction during the school year and four hours in the summer. The program also incorporates pet therapy and recreational activities.

Adult and adolescent patients with a dual diagnosis may receive ongoing medication management. The facility also provides crisis intervention and short-term inpatient treatment for individuals with a primary psychiatric disorder. Treatment involves pharmacological intervention and medication monitoring and management, counseling sessions, therapeutic activities, and psychoeducational classes. The average length of stay for individuals struggling with a psychiatric disorder is seven to 10 days.

The hospital offers treatment programs for military personnel, which focus on the needs of active servicemen and women and veterans struggling with chemical dependency and/or psychiatric difficulties.


Accredited by the Joint Commission, Cumberland Hall Hospital employs a multidisciplinary team of licensed psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, mental health technicians, nurses, certified drug and alcohol counselors, and recreational therapists.


All clients receive three meals daily prepared by licensed dietitians and snacks twice daily. The facility accommodates dietary restrictions when medically necessary or to meet religious requirements. The military treatment program, which is on a separate wing, offers opportunities to use a basketball court, gym, and rock climbing wall.


The one alum polled by to date offered a mixed, but mainly negative review of the facility. J.S. offered four stars for family participation and cleanliness, but mostly one-star ratings for other metrics, including counseling options, connectivity, exercise & leisure, and holistic offerings. J.S. indicated the facility strictly followed a 12-step model, but could improve upon staff training, writing: “I had a horrible experience and was not able to finish the entire program because my insurance wouldn’t cover any more treatment.”

On Google reviews, the facility received mainly negative feedback: 2.3 out of five stars based on 29 reviews to date. [1] Reviews from alumni, loved ones, and staff pertained to treatment for all conditions, notably suicide and depression, rather than substance abuse alone. Reviewers had starkly contrasting opinions concerning the staff and effectiveness of treatment. A standout positive five-star review was from alum Tori, who had received inpatient and outpatient services for addiction, and wrote: “I wouldn’t have the amazing life with my new daughter that I have now if it wasn’t for this place! Thanks Cumberland hall!!!”


A loved one surveyed by to date provided a positive review, offering four out of five stars for counseling options, connectivity, exercise & leisure, holistic offerings, level of staff training and experience, and likelihood they’d recommend the facility. The reviewer, who also rated facility cleanliness and family participation a perfect five stars, wrote: “They are good at liistening and helping you to achieve goals,” though added, “the staff should be better trained.”


Reviews by staff to date were mainly negative: 2.4 out five stars of 20 reviews on Indeed and 2.5 stars on Glassdoor. [2] [3] Positive opinions about helpful colleagues, rewarding work, and opportunities to make a difference in people’s lives were offset by lack of adequate staffing, overwork, low pay, and stressful jobs.


Cumberland Hall Hospital works with most private insurance companies and accepts Kentucky Medicaid (for patients up to the age of 20), Indiana Medicaid, Medicare, and TRICARE.

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Reviews about Cumberland Hall Hospital

  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
  • Can't think of any. The staff didn't really seem to listen or try to actually help. Inadequately trained staff, in certain "group" sessions, clinical staff went over the SAME. THING. EVERYTIME. Staff were NOT sympathetic or empathetic to patients. I had a horrible experience and was not able to finish the entire program because my insurance wouldn't cover any more treatment. The facility didn't try to work with them so I could finish the 28 day program. They just pack my things and said sorry, goodbye.
  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
  • They are good at liistening and helping you to achieve goals... Dealing with you when you are unwilling to cooperate It was a good facility overall. I think it should be bigger and the staff should be better trained.