Certified Counseling Services

Certified Counseling Services


Located in Louisville, Ky., Certified Counseling Services (CCS) offers long-term residential treatment to adult men with alcohol or drug addiction. The highly structured program is 24 months long and relies heavily on job training. Medical detox is not available.


Treatment is 12-step based and includes daily meetings and educational opportunities. The program is gender-specific and only available for adult men, who live at the facility for 24 months. Treatment includes both individual and group counseling.

The treatment philosophy at CCS addresses what they believe are the five major tenets of “distress” for those with alcohol and drug addiction disorders: “emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and financial.” As such, families are encouraged to participate in the recovery process. Residents learn about recovery and other life skills that help them once they have completed the program. These life skills include budgeting, career development, and personal financial management.

Clients are expected to maintain employment, pay rent, and clean their own living areas. CCS has a noteworthy partnership with Johnson’s Commercial Flooring Company, which trains and employs many of CCS’s clients as part of vocational training.


According to the facility’s website, the staff consists of a resident manager and certified alcohol and drug counselors.


Residents live in one of two available community homes and abide by community rules. Otherwise, no information is available about the accommodations and amenities available at Certified Counseling Services; however, the one individual polled to date on accommodations and amenities gave it a perfect five-star rating.


To date, Best-rehabs.com has not received any reviews from alumni of Certified Counseling Services.

On its Facebook page, which CCS can manage, the facility received 4.9 out of five stars from seven reviewers to date.[1] Many of the reviews praised the facility for its employment and life skills programs. “A program that works,” alum Sam wrote. “Saving men’s lives through work and self discipline.”


To date, Best-rehabs.com has received one review from a loved one for Certified Counseling Services. The review was mostly positive, with five out of five stars for cleanliness, meals and nutrition, treatment effectiveness, and family participation. C.L.W. wrote: “This is a very difficult program with a high success rate. It is a work program teaching a trade & enabling the client to be self supporting when they live.” The reviewer did give one star out of five for its holistic offerings and its counseling options.

On Facebook, reviews were glowing. Loved one Cindy wrote that her “son paid off all his bills under the work program including the program fee, learned to live life under life’s terms, restored family relationships, & just purchased a brand new car,” and wrote of CCS: “Not only saving lives…saving families and enriching relationships spiritually and emotionally.”


To date, there is no information regarding the cost of the program or financing options on the facility’s website.

[1] https://www.facebook.com/pg/Certified-Counseling-Services-166816356668872/reviews/?ref=page_internal

Reviews about Certified Counseling Services

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  • This is a very difficult program with a high success rate. It is a work program teaching a trade & enabling the client to be self supporting when they live. This program teaches their clients how to live on life's terns one day at a time. It is 2 year program which saved my son's life. They possibly need more staffing. But I believe this is one of the best programs in the state. This program is so much more that a rehab facility. They believe it takes one year to complete the steps, and one year to learn to apply them and live life on life's terms one day at a time. My son completed this program & stayed on 2 more years as a House Manager. He is 4 1/2 yrs clean & sober today. He is self supporting & works his program. He has made many amends & continues to do so. He is working on restoring relationships. I strongly recommend this program.