Shawnee Baptist Church- Reformers Unanimous

Shawnee Baptist Church- Reformers Unanimous


Founded in Rockford, Illinois in 1996, Reformers Unanimous is a Christian-based outpatient treatment program designed to help adults overcome various addictions, including chemical dependency, through Bible-based teachings. A Reformers Unanimous outpatient program is held through the Shawnee Baptist Church of Louisville, Ky.


Reformers Unanimous is not a medical or clinical treatment program. As such, clients are not required to undergo an assessment before participating in the fellowship. Along with treatment that addresses chemical dependency, Reformers Unanimous is also designed to address a range of other behavioral health concerns, which may include eating disorders, gambling addiction, and sex addiction. Reformers Unanimous sessions are held each Friday from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Shawnee Baptist Church. Much like 12-step programs, Reformers Unanimous is an ongoing fellowship without an average length of treatment.

To help individuals overcome their addiction, Reformers Unanimous’s recovery curriculum includes a series of workbooks and resource guides called Stronghold’s Coursework, which functions as the foundation of the program. However, individuals may create their own “Recovery Kit.” Reformers Unanimous offers a range of instructional videos, workbooks, and literature on a variety of topics, including co-dependency, behavioral modification, depression, and relapse prevention.

While coursework may vary depending on the needs of each individual, all of Reformers Unanimous’s literature and coursework is based on Christian philosophies, principles, and practices. Reformers Unanimous is not a 12-step program.

While individuals may create their own approach to recovery through their personal “Recovery Kit,” the outpatient meetings may be designed to share the individual’s personal recovery process with others in the fellowship. Recovery Unanimous’s approach is entirely based on the Christian and biblical teachings. In addition to completing coursework assignments, journaling, and studying fellowship literature, Recovery Unanimous meetings may also involve devotionals, Bible study sessions, and peer-led counseling sessions.


Recovery Unanimous groups are created by an individual who wishes to create a charter. Before an individual can create a charter, the individual must undergo an initial training course.


While has yet to receive feedback from fellowship members, secondary sources revealed many individuals in the fellowship have a positive opinion regarding its effectiveness. On the Recovery Unanimous’s Facebook page, which the fellowship can manage, 465 individuals rated it with an average rating of 4.8 out of five stars. It’s important to note that this rating is for the fellowship as a whole, and not specific to the group held at Shawnee Baptist Church. “The RU program is a faith based program that will give you the right tools to walk away from all addictions,” Linda, a representative reviewer, wrote.


The sole loved one polled by praised many elements of the fellowship. Out of five stars, the survey respondent gave five-star ratings for the staff’s level of experience and training, the facility’s counseling options, and the likelihood they’d recommend the fellowship to others. “I would recommend it to any one in need, the loved one wrote.


Recovery Unanimous program costs vary, as instructional information, DVDs, guidebooks, and coursework materials may differ among individuals involved in the fellowship.


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  • They see good results. They are not widely known. I achieved my goals at this facility, and I would recommend it to any one in need.