Trilogy Center For Women

Trilogy Center For Women


The Trilogy Center for Women is a long-term residential treatment program for women struggling with substance abuse in the city of Hopkinsville, Ky. As of 2016, the facility is one of 145 facilities in the state to offer specialized treatment for women, though only part of 13.2 percent of all facilities to provide long-term residential care.


According to local publication, Trilogy Center for Women is a six-month program for women who are either homeless or at-risk of being homeless. In the article, one woman, whose stay extended for an additional three months, “followed a daily routine that included cooking, cleaning, learning and recreation.”

The three elements of the facility’s namesake “Trilogy” stands for sobriety, self-sufficiency, and safety. As a program designed for homeless and at-risk women, the goal of the facility is to both address the underlying concerns that may have led to addiction, as well as prepare women for independent living.

During the residential program, women may attend counseling sessions, educational workshops, participate in therapeutic recreation, as well as receive discharge planning services. In addition, Trilogy may offer vocational training, opportunities for furthering the resident’s education, and family reunification services.


There is currently no information provided by the center regarding its treatment staff, however, the two individuals surveyed by to date gave perfect five-star ratings for the staff’s level of training and experience, while one also gave five stars for their professionalism and availability.


There is currently no information provided by the center regarding its living arrangements and related offerings, however, the two individuals polled by to date both shared five stars for its accommodations and meals.


The two program alumni to have completed surveys with as of this writing both found treatment effective in helping them admit their past mistakes and move forward in life. Both gave three or more stars for over a dozen metrics evaluated. These include the level of family participation, the facility’s counseling options, and discharge planning. “This place gave me the tools to live, not just survive,” Kathy wrote in a representative statement.

Trilogy Center for Women also has some positive coverage across secondary sources, including average ratings of 3.4 and 4.7 out of five, respectively, from five Google reviewers and 63 Facebook users.[1] Over a dozen grateful reviewers credited the facility with saving their lives. “This place really helped me learn how to live and showed me a new way of life!!” Jessica wrote in a representative review.[2]


Though has yet to receive any reviews from affiliated friends or family members, Google reviewer Dianne commented on the facility’s good work: “Helped my daughter reunite with our family and Her Daughter.”


In their surveys, one alum indicated that they received a scholarship, while the other reviewers offered five out of five stars for program affordability.


Reviews about Trilogy Center For Women

  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
This place gave me the tools to live, not just survive.
  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
  • Availability of staff during crisis. Truthfulness about the disease (no nonsense approach). Making clients accountable at all times Limited transportation for location of facility Its a great place that encourages the addict to not only view their life decision to use but gives them the tools to accept their choices, admit their past & move forward. Living a complete sober life.