Acadiana CARES – Seasons of Serenity Program

Acadiana CARES – Seasons of Serenity Program


Acadiana CARES – Seasons of Serenity Program, located in Lafayette, La., offers a network of residential, outpatient, and sober living recovery options for adults struggling with substance abuse. The organization operates several facilities across the Lafayette region and receives funding through several different sources, allowing them to offer care to any person, regardless of their ability to pay.


In order to be admitted, clients must meet eligibility requirements as defined by the various funding sources and grants that allow the facility to provide services. The facility emphasizes that all clients will receive a thorough investigation into all treatment options when requesting care from the organization.

The facility’s treatment program follows an evidence-based approach to recovery across the various levels of treatment. The residential recovery path offers two separate phases. Pathways is the primary residential treatment program and the average stay lasts anywhere from three weeks to three months long, depending on the client’s individual needs. This program assists clients in developing a recovery plan, receiving care for any co-occurring medical issues, and learn how to live independently and successfully when they return to their community after treatment.

The program utilizes the 12-Step recovery philosophy, teaches relapse prevention, and uses treatment techniques such as mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, family therapy, and more. Unique treatment options include yoga, horticulture therapy, and meditation. The second phase of residential treatment, the St. Francis program, lasts up to nine months in a long-term recovery environment focused on helping clients to maintain their sobriety.

The intensive outpatient program (IOP), is often a step-down option from primary residential treatment or is intended for clients who do not require detoxification or the more intensive structure of a residential program. IOP meets for a minimum of 12 weeks and includes at least three group therapy sessions and one individual therapy session per week.

The treatment team includes licensed clinical social workers, substance abuse counselors, recovery techs, case managers, and other clerical staff.


Seasons of Serenity residential services offer a total of 36 beds in two separate residences. Both locations offer a home-like setting. However, no additional information is provided by the facility regarding the details of its living arrangements and related offerings.


At the time of this writing there has been one alum polled by The alum, V.L., had an overall positive experience at the facility and gave four out of five stars each for accommodations & amenities and meals & nutrition. Overall, the alum gave the facility a five out of five stars rating and they felt that the program provided their with the proper tools and information to aid their recovery in a positive fashion. V.L. wrote that they would recommend the facility to a friend or loved one who was considering rehab and would consider reentering this facility again if ever necessary.

On the facility’s Facebook page, which it can manage, there is an overall rating of 4.5 out of five stars based on 33 total reviews.[1] Many of the reviewers were grateful for the services offered by the facility and felt that they would not have been able to recovery without the program. One alum, A.H., describes the facility as a life-changing place. She gave five stars and wrote, “This is a life changing amazing place. I am extremely blessed to have a place to come like this.” A.V., another alum, agreed with that viewpoint. He also gave five stars and wrote, “A wonderful place to be a part of and I am eternally grateful for Acadiana Cares. They helped me turn my life around.”


The cost of treatment at the facility is not published. However, AcadianaCares indicates on their website that they receive funding through the Louisiana Office of Addictive Disorders, Medicaid, and income from private insurances as well as other sources. For this reason, no client is denied treatment, regardless of their ability to pay, as long as they meet the treatment eligibility and program guidelines.


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  • this rating was on my last time in treatment. I left once earlier & relapsed soon after. On my 2nd time, I was willing to do what they told me to do , so that I could stay sober. I then entered the Oxford house for a year. I must also remain in AA for my sobriety.