Cooley Dickinson Inpatient Behavioral Health Unit

Cooley Dickinson Inpatient Behavioral Health Unit


Cooley Dickinson Behavioral Health Unit, located in Northampton, Massachusetts, provides inpatient treatment to adults struggling with mental illness. The facility operates as a department of Cooley Dickinson Hospital and is located inside the hospital.


The facility’s treatment program aims to help clients develop coping skills such as assertiveness, making healthy decisions, self-reflection, and maintaining healthy habits. The program includes daily treatment groups, lasting up to 12 hours a day. Admission requires a crisis evaluation by the hospital’s Clinical and Support Options (CSO) team. If Cooley Dickinson is not suitable for the client, referrals to other organizations are provided. Families are included in the treatment program through a weekly support group, and visits from family and friends are encouraged during designated hours. Unique therapies offered include aromatherapy and weighted blankets.


No information is currently available regarding the facility’s living arrangements and related amenities. One alum ranked the facility four out of five stars for accommodations and amenities, while another alum gave it one out of five stars.


The treatment team consists of psychiatrists, registered nurses, counselors, social workers, occupational therapists, chaplains, peer support specialists, nutritionists, and therapy dogs. The facility also employs individuals who have personally experienced mental health issues.


At the time of this writing, two alumni have been polled by One alum had positive feedback about the facility, while the other had negative feedback. The first reviewer rated the facility poorly in several areas and reported being discharged in the middle of a psychiatric crisis. The second reviewer praised the facility, stating that it saved their life and would recommend it to others seeking treatment.

There are currently no third-party reviews available for this facility.


No information is currently available regarding the facility’s costs. However, one alum reported that the facility was worth the cost, while another alum found it unaffordable. Interested individuals are advised to contact the facility directly for additional information about financing options.

Cooley Dickinson Inpatient Behavioral Health Unit Reviews

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    • Treatment Effectiveness
    The staff at Cooley Dickinson did a great job of keeping me safe and getting me to a point where I could leave the institution. With mental illness, you are never fully "cured," so this survey is kind of hard to answer, but they gave me excellent aftercare and provided me with coping techniques.