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Good Samaritan Medical Center - NORCAP Lodge Foxboro Massachusetts

NORCAP Lodge provides inpatient substance abuse treatment and intensive outpatient treatment to more than 2,500 patients annually. Multidisciplinary treatment is provided by physicians, an experienced nursing staff, certified/licensed substance abuse counselors, social workers, case managers and mental health associates.


Operated by the Good Samaritan Medical Center, a full-service Catholic hospital in nearby Brockton, Mass., NORCAP Lodge is a freestanding unit that is one of 161 treatment centers in the state to offer residential treatment and intensive outpatient (IOP) services for adults struggling with substance use disorder. Additionally, it is one of only 11 state-wide medical detox centeres. The lodge is located in a wooded setting off I-95, two miles south of Foxboro town center and 30 miles southwest of Boston.


Clients may be admitted 24 hours a day. Provided that there is a bed available, clients are admitted no more than 24 hours after they first make contact.

Treatment is based on the 12-Steps, and there are daily Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings on-site. The program also uses individual and group counseling, with a focus on relapse prevention, and provides intensive case management services and skills workshops. Clients may also seek out spiritual counseling from the facility’s clergy.

The center provides family meetings, to ensure a supportive home environment for its newly sober clients, and provides discharge and aftercare planning, so that all clients leave with a plan for maintaining their sobriety.

An intensive outpatient program (IOP) offers the same modalities as residential treatment, in addition to education on addiction recovery skills and referrals to substance abuse services in the local community. The IOP is four weeks long, and meets on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings. Intake to the IOP (as well as detox and residential care) is conducted on a rolling basis.


The staff is led by an M.D., and includes two nurse practitioners, two case managers, six substance use disorder counselors, eight mental health associates, and six triage / clinical evaluators. The five individuals polled by to date were very pleased with the facility staff.

Staff’s level of training and experience: 4.8/5 stars


There is currently no information provided by the facility regarding its living arrangements and related offerings. Several reviewers commented that the food offered at the center was of poor quality. The five individuals polled to date gave mediocre reviews on the accommodations.

The facility is clean and well maintained: 3.6/5 stars


Alumni reviews submitted to to date were mostly positive. The reviewers repeatedly praised the staff: “Absolutely amazing staff all around! Made me as comfortable as possible which makes it that much easier to stay & continue my journey of recovery,” Marie wrote, and Rose echoed this sentiment by writing, “The place was crazy at first. I was very frightened of it all, the staff quickly changed that by helping me calm down.” Jennifer also liked that many of the counselors were themselves in recovery, and alum Derek went so far as to say that the center had saved his life.

Most alumni gave the facility relatively lower ratings for its accommodations, meals, exercise opportunities, and holistic offerings. For example, if they gave five out of five stars for staff support or treatment effectiveness, they would only provide a two- or three-star rating for these categories. Reviewers also repeatedly criticized the food, and one former client referred to the accommodations as a “dungeon like dump.”

On Google, the facility earned 3.7 out of five stars from 11 reviews to date.[1] In a representative review, alum William wrote, “This place was very helpful for my recovery….me and my wife are very grateteful….the staff was very helpful and don’t treat you like a scumbag junky.“ Two dissatisfied users commented on poor customer service, however.


The two loved ones who provided feedback to date gave mediocre reviews. One loved one gave the center four out of five stars for its overall effectiveness, and provided no additional comments. The other gave the facility high, five-star ratings for treatment effectiveness, family participation, cleanliness, affordability, and the admissions and discharge procedures.

Neither of these two loved ones were particularly pleased with the facility’s accommodations and meals, and one reviewer wrote that a facility weakness was “mediocre food.” Still, both reviewers provided four stars for these two categories.

Reviews from loved ones on Yelp were mixed, where one parent gave five stars, and one nephew gave just one star.[2] This parent of a former client praised the compassionate staff, whereas the negative reviewer complained of poor customer service.


The single staffer polled by to date gave very positive feedback. The anonymous reviewer gave the center five out of five stars or higher for the facility’s overall treatment effectiveness, treatment for co-occurring disorders, and counseling options. “The staff are professional and understanding,” the anonymous staff member wrote. “Facilities are clean-kept. Very impressed.”

The staff member gave also four out of five star reviews for the facility’s leisure and exercise options, its holistic offerings, accommodations, affordability, and family participation.

Reviews from employees elsewhere online are less favorable, with a low, two-star average from six users on Glassdoor to date.[3]


According to NORCAP Lodge’s website, the program accepts most private insurances, as well as Medicaid and Medicare. CiteHealth indicates that state insurance is also accepted. The five individuals polled by to date felt the center was moderately affordable.

Affordability: 2.8/5 stars


Good Samaritan Medical Center – NORCAP Lodge Reviews

Late June 2017 I was in a really bad place mentally. I had already been through much trauma but not knowing if not for them, meaning the great counselors the fun groups and amazing friends who truly supported one another, If not for that , I know I would not have known the legal way ,appropriate way of getting my child back. Who was taken away for truly no reason. I unfortunately just was used as the department of children and families social workers muse! The pain was unbearable. Considering my only true support,my dad had just passed which was why I ended up at Norcap. After IOP my little girls father passed away.While I was asleep he had a heart attack. Through that and so much more I owe Norcap and it’s counselors at least that push to give me the hope and strength I needed!!! So thank you!!
I was @ Norcap/Foxboro in 2018. Great facility and wouldn't be sober today without their help. Currently manage Holman House Attleboro. Trying to get license back and need documents from facility. Also, sober house I run is top notch and would like to help others in need. Woul appreciate your help, thanks.
i would like to take this time to thank the Amazing staff and nurses at Norcap Foxboro they are are the kindess caring people i have had the pleasure to be whith me in my time of need i will miss you all i recommend this facility to Anyone seeking help the best thing i did was beining fortunate to enter this facility Thank You so VERY MUCH please let ALL YOUR STAFF KNOW HOW SPECIAL THEY ARE THANK YOU
Great staff.for anyone who complains about food or anything your ungrateful and maybe its not your time..ive gone too this place a few times and its what you put into it is what you get out.remeber your the one who called and asked to get in they never called do not have reservation leave thwm on the streets or were ever.this is your life.
How about not being accepted bc they say u don't take enough, I wonder would I be calling if I didn't have to or need to then you laugh, I didn't realize the epidemic on our hands was such a joke to you good to know... wouldn't recommend calling, esp if you really need the help unless you want to laughed at, really not that funny & u have been reported.