Salvation Army Romulus

Salvation Army Romulus


Located in Romulus, Mich., Salvation Army Romulus is a nonprofit facility, which make up about 53 percent of all treatment facilities in Michigan. It offers residential treatment to women who are struggling with substance abuse.


According to Salvation Army Romulus’ website, it offers treatment through a holistic and faith-based residential program. The center provides individualized emotional, social, and spiritual assistance.

ARC operates two campuses, one for men and one for women. Each center provides a clean and healthy environment with nutritious food and leisure time activities. The residential treatment is a 180-day program, and it’s centered on a 12-step, abstinence-based approach.

Programming includes both individual and group counseling. Along with counseling, services include courses on addiction education, anger management, domestic violence intervention, life skills, relapse prevention, and regular 12-step meetings.

Residents also participate in a work therapy element. During work therapy, clients learn office and retail skills, customer service, maintenance and repair handiness, security operations, and food services.


Salvation Army Romulus’s website, the treatment team includes counselors. The alum polled by to date gave four out of five stars for the staff’s experience.


Salvation Army Romulus’ website notes each center has recreational facilities, exercise equipment, spacious cafeterias, laundry facilities, living areas, television rooms, computer labs, reading libraries, game rooms, and chapels. Together, the two campuses have room for more than 400 people.


To date, the alum surveyed by provided a mostly positive review and four out of five stars for treatment effectiveness. The alum gave five stars for counseling options, family participation, and holistic offerings. “I thought the idea of having people work is great because it makes you feel good going to work everyday,” the alum wrote.

To date, the 323 people to leave reviews on The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center’s Facebook page, which it has the ability to manage, gave an average of 4.1 out of five stars. However, it’s important to note most reviews are for the thrift store and not the treatment program itself. [1]

The two people to leave Google Reviews for the program gave one and five stars. The one person to leave a Yelp review gave three out of five stars. [2] [3]


According to Salvation Army Romulus’ website, the center is funded by donations and profits from its family thrift store. Therefore, insurance isn’t required. The alum polled by to date gave five out of five stars when asked if treatment was worth the cost.

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  • I thought the idea of having people work is great because it makes you feel good going to work everyday. I I don't think church on Sunday should be mandatory because, it makes it so you can't get enough sleep. It's all women so that was helpful to be around only women. They give you freedom and if you mess it up they take it away. It feels good to be able to work towards a goal of being able to leave for a weekend. Having to work sometimes 6 days a week then church on Sunday, it makes it so you never get enough sleep or even just alone time.