Magnolia Regional Health Center

Magnolia Regional Health Center


Magnolia Regional Health Center, located in Corinth, Miss., offers inpatient adult and senior psychiatric treatment to men and women struggling with depression, psychosis, anxiety and chronic mental illnesses. The facility is located inside a hospital, on the Third Floor of Magnolia Regional Health Center.


Magnolia provides an acute treatment program designed to address a wide range of psychiatric disorders that require hospitalization. Clients can be admitted by referral or by walking up to the unit. Admissions and referrals to Magnolia Behavioral Health are accepted 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Confidential consultations are available at no charge by contacting the facility.

In addition to its treatment program for adults, Magnolia has ten beds for geriatric clients exhibiting psychiatric symptoms. The geropsych team at Magnolia completes comprehensive assessments and intervenes in highly complex cases involving psychiatric, functional and psychosocial issues.

Throughout treatment, clients receive group therapy, participate in social activities, and have a daily meeting with a doctor. Psychotherapy, family education, educational groups, and activity groups are also available at Magnolia. The facility offers a weekly aftercare group after discharge.


The treatment team includes Board Certified Psychiatrists, On-site Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners, Licensed Social Workers, Registered Nurses, Mental Health Technicians, an Activity Therapist, Registered Dietitians, and Physical and Occupational Therapists.


The facility offers 19 beds consisting of 10 geriatric beds and 9 adult beds. The center is located inside a hospital and offers both private and shared rooms. Clients have access to two telephones where they may make and receive calls during scheduled phone times. Telephones are turned off during group and bed times. Magnolia Behavioral Health is a tobacco free facility, but nicotine gum and/or patches can be ordered for clients by a doctor.


At the time of this writing there has been one alum polled by The reviewer gave the facility excellent marks in most categories, although she rated it poorly for affordability, cleanliness, and family participation. The anonymous client gave the facility five out of five stars for treatment effectiveness, five stars for accommodations & amenities, and five stars for meals & nutrition. She was neutral when asked if there are many counseling options to choose from, agreed that the facility is adequately equipped and staffed to treat co-occurring mental health problems, and agreed that facility staff are experienced and well-trained.

She felt that a strength of the facility was that people were always willing to talk with her and help with her problems. She felt that the facility could improve by offering an exercise program. She also added that she had a good experience with Magnolia Hospital’s aftercare program, saying “it lets people know there is still help out there after they leave rehab.”

At the time of this writing, there are no additional third party reviews regarding the facility.


There is currently no information provided by the facility regarding its costs. One alum polled by strongly disagreed when asked if the treatment plan was affordable and/or payment plans, scholarships, or financial assistance were made available.

Reviews about Magnolia Regional Health Center

  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
  • People was always willing to talk to you and help with your problem. No real exercise program. I liked the after care of the program, It lets people know there is still help out there after they leave Rehab.