South Central Regional Medical Center

South Central Regional Medical Center


Located in the community of Laurel, Miss., South Central Regional Medical Center is a full-service hospital that offers comprehensive treatment programs for individuals struggling with chemical dependency and psychiatric disorders. The hospital offers a short-term residential program, medical detoxification services, and aftercare to treat chemical dependency through its South Central Recovery Center. In addition, the hospital provides outpatient-based services for individuals struggling primarily with mental health concerns.


Before beginning treatment, clients undergo an initial psychiatric and substance abuse history assessment to help clinicians identify treatment goals and form an appropriate plan of care. Utilizing evidence-based treatment methods and peer support, the hospital offers specialized treatments to support early recovery. If a client requires detoxification, the South Central Recovery Center offers medication-assisted treatment and 24-hour access to medical and nursing attention. The detoxification process typically lasts between five and seven days.

Along with medically-monitored detoxification, the residential program provides a structured schedule of group counseling sessions, as well as educational classes on coping skills, relapse prevention, and the disease of addiction. To promote long-term recovery, this program also introduces clients to the principles and practices of 12-Steps. Individuals attend both on-site and off-site 12-step meetings, study fellowship literature, and perform associated “step-work.”

Clients struggling with a co-occurring psychiatric disorder may also receive ongoing medication management. Along with its residential program to treat chemical dependency, the facility also provides outpatient-based services for individuals struggling with a primary psychiatric disorder.

Family members may also meet with counselors to discuss addiction education and relapse prevention techniques. For those who complete treatment, there is also an aftercare group that meets once a week.


Regarding its behavioral health unit, South Central Regional Medical Center’s staff is comprised of psychiatrists, physicians experienced in addiction medicine, psychiatric nurses, substance abuse counselors, and behavioral health technicians.


For those being treated for chemical dependency, the South Central Recovery Center provides clients with private bedrooms, comfortable communal rooms, and a dining hall. According to its website, the facility offers a “relaxed and therapeutic environment, ensuring that the patient’s needs for privacy and safety are met.” Additionally, laundry is available on-site, and visiting hours are held on Sundays.


The sole loved one polled by at the time of this writing praised many areas of the facility, but reported that treatment was overall ineffective. Out of five stars, they gave perfect five-star ratings for the facility’s ability to treat co-occurring disorders, its discharge planning, and the treatment staff’s level of experience and training. “They encourage family members to participate in the rehab process,” the survey respondent wrote. However, they felt the facility released their loved one too soon, which may have contributed to their relapse upon discharge.

Elsewhere online, reviews for the medical center as a whole appear on Google to date. Thirty ratings average 2.2 out of five stars, and commentary about the ER and other services was very mixed.


Secondary sources revealed generally positive employee opinions of the facility as a whole. At the time of this writing, on Indeed, 39 reviewers gave the facility an average rating of 3.4 out of five stars.[1] Many employees praised their coworkers and the quality of client care. “Would recommend SCRMC to anyone! Great place to work and dedicated to giving compassionate patient care!” one representative reviewer wrote.


South Central Regional Medical Center accepts most private insurance plans, as well as Medicare and Medicaid. Financial assistance may also be available to qualified clients.

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  • They encourage family members to participate in the rehab process. They can be fooled by the patient. The facility released my loved one too soon. He fooled them into thinking that he was on the road to recovery--he was not. Two days after he left the facility, he relapsed into his old habit.