Region 8 Alcohol & Drug Treatment Services

Region 8 Alcohol & Drug Treatment Services


Region 8 Alcohol and Drug Treatment Services operates multiple locations, providing a wide range of services for individuals of all ages. In addition to their drug and alcohol abuse treatment programs, Region 8 offers various mental health services. Their treatment options for drug and alcohol abuse include Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program, Residential Treatment, Family Treatment, Substance Abuse Prevention Services, Aftercare Services, and Employee Assistance Programs.

The residential program includes a male residence in Mendenhall, MS and a female residence in Hazlehurst, MS. The facility does not specify if they offer detox services or if residents must undergo detoxification before admission.


Region 8’s residential treatment program follows an evidence-based model that utilizes Cognitive Behavioral therapies and Systems Theories. Individualized plans of care are developed for each client, addressing specific physical, emotional, spiritual, and social issues. These plans serve as the foundation for aftercare needs and may include family therapy as it is considered an effective and important aspect of substance abuse treatment.

A typical day for a resident may involve individual therapy, group counseling, family therapy, educational services, and recreational and social activities. The program also offers vocational rehabilitation services, structured physical exercise activities, and medical examinations.

Upon completing the program, all residents have access to aftercare services, including individual and group therapy, family treatment, and involvement with AA and NA. The facility also provides assistance with employment.


The staff at Region 8 consists of administrative staff, clinical staff, counselors, and coordinators.


Details about bed capacity, accommodations, and additional amenities are not provided by Region 8. The feedback from two individuals surveyed by rated the accommodations and amenities with four and two out of five stars. Meals and nutrition received five and four-star ratings, while cleanliness was rated four stars by one reviewer.


The feedback from an alumni, Nick, revealed mixed to low ratings in various areas but included positive qualitative feedback. Exercise and leisure options were rated three stars, counseling options received two stars, and holistic treatment offerings were given only one star. Despite the lower ratings, Nick highly recommended Region 8, mentioning the caring staff, the absence of a strict 12-step program, and the quality of food.


The feedback from a loved one yielded mixed to positive ratings. The facility was rated four stars for affordability and level of staff support, and three stars for exercise and leisure provisions and counseling options. The anonymous spouse praised the center for its secluded environment and treatment but mentioned that more private accommodations would have been preferable.


The facility’s website and other sources do not provide specific information regarding the cost of treatment. However, according to HealthGrove, Region 8 accepts state insurance (excluding Medicaid), military insurance, and Access to Recovery (ATR) vouchers.

Region 8 Alcohol & Drug Treatment Services Reviews

  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
  • Caring staff, nearby hospital, and not 12 step or faith based. It was perfect for me. Lack of help for psychological issues. I highly reccimend Region 8. They are almost next door to the hospital, so detox symptoms are quickly treated. The staff is very caring, and it isn't a strict 12 step program, which works for many, but not all. It has no official religious officiation, and the food is actually incredible. It was $2,000 for the 30 day program for me. That's with no insurance.
  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
  • The treatment was good. They offered family counseling. I think it would habe been more effective if my husband had stayed the additional 30 days they asked him to instead of just 28. It was a good place. I think it would have been better if my husband hadn't had to share a room with a weirdo that cried every night because he missed his dog. Private rooms are must. It's hard enough being away from home in a situation like this, but having to deal with the quirks of a stranger makes it worse.