Vitality Unlimited – Vitality Center

Vitality Unlimited – Vitality Center


The nonprofit, Nevada-based agency Vitality Unlimited provides substance use treatment and various other social services, including special programming for active military members and veterans. One of the agency’s three residential rehab facilities, Vitality Center of Elko offers medically managed detox and both short-and long-term residential care for adults.

Dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring mental illness is available, as well as medication-assisted therapy (MAT) and telemedicine through the agency’s outpatient headquarters in Elko. Along with another adult residence in Carson City, the organization offers adolescent residential treatment at a separate facility in Elko


Pregnant women and individuals using intravenous drugs receive priority for admission to Vitality Center in Elko. Following a clinical assessment, some clients begin treatment with a three- to five-day detox process, during which they begin motivational counseling and education.

The duration of treatment varies for each client, with some completing a 30-day program and others remaining longer. Vitality Center is one of just 12 (15 percent) of Nevada’s 80 treatment facilities to provide short-term residential care. The center is also one of only seven facilities to offer residential, non-hospital detoxification.

Residents should expect to participate in at least 50 hours of weekly treatment, which includes group and individual therapy sessions, educational classes, and family programming. Pet therapy may also be utilized, according to the facility’s website. After residential rehab, Vitality recommends engagement in continuing care, which may mean attending the agency’s outpatient programming for up to six months, and/or residing in transitional housing. Bilingual services are available.


The CEO of Vitality Unlimited holds multiple addiction counselor certifications as well a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) licensing by the federal Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The residential center also employs a medical doctor, registered nurse, and several licensed counselors.


A photograph on the Vitality Unlimited website of the residential Vitality Center features a hilly setting with shady outdoor meeting spaces. State licensing data indicates that the center has 28 beds. Residents stay in separate men’s and women’s sections and are not allowed use of personal electronics or cell phones. There is a client store on-site.


The two alumni polled by to date provided polar opposite feedback. Offering split perspectives on the effectiveness of treatment, the two also disagreed about the quality of detox and the facility’s cleanliness. Nevertheless, they did concur that the program was not luxurious, with minimal (but, in one alum’s opinion, sufficient) activities.

“I think Vitality is a great place to be if you are serious,” alum A.K. wrote. However, alum Tami disagreed, writing: “I would strong erge anyone planning on going here to re-think your decision.”

Feedback on Google reviews skewed more favorable. Five individuals contributed to an average rating of 3.6 out of five stars for the Elko residential center. Alumni reported long-standing sobriety, described staff as accommodating and responsive, and one wrote that Vitality offered “a very supportive atmosphere.” They tended to agree that accommodations and meals were acceptable, if not high quality. One reviewer registered a complaint about the evaluation process and outcome and did not continue services.[1]


The single loved one polled by to date was critical of Vitality Center, echoing the alum who represented the facility as dirty and treatment as ineffective. They also questioned billing practices. With that said, the reviewer admitted that the client “was there for a few hours and then left.”


Employee reviews of Vitality Center were also split, with four Elko-based addiction staff rating the facility an average of 2.25 out of five stars on Indeed. Three were especially critical of an unsupportive environment and low staff morale, while one reported poor training. Nevertheless, three also represented positive attitudes toward working with and helping clients.[2]


According to the Vitality Unlimited website, the agency is funded in part by the state of Nevada and contracts with Indian Health Services and the parole/probation system. Several insurance plans are accepted, including Medicaid, Anthem BCBS, Value Options, and union insurance funds for electrical workers, operating engineers, and teamsters. For qualifying clients, a sliding fee scale is available.


Reviews about Vitality Unlimited – Vitality Center

  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
  • I am always amazed at the drama of people. The detox is just fine. There is a TV and movies, you are monitored by staff and you are fed. No its not dirty, is it the best food? No but you are there to recover. I went through detox and the program and I am still clean. That was over a year ago. You get what you put in. If you put in a few hours and then leave....well I'm going to guess you probably aren't clean and sober today. Oh the counselors really want you to succeed and push for you to work the steps . I think Vitality is a great place to be if you are serious
  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
  • I went to this place and it was HORRIBLE.... it was worse than a jail. The food was not fit to eat. they put you in detox with absolutely nothing to do to occupy your time. No TV... only one or two movies about recovery and one movie about teenagers getting mamed after drinking and driving. No AA or NA meetings in detox. It just had an all around BAD VIBE....So, I decided this treament center was NOT for me.. Well did get my money back after talking with the CEO of the center. Thank God or else i i would have been forced to stay in an unhealthy unacceptable treament center. Or be stuck up in Elko where I do not live with no money and no identification. I would strong erge anyone planning on going here to re-think your decision. I have been to other detoxes where you get treated well.. you have meetings and groups to keep your mind focused on recovery. Not the being put in a room similiar to a jail cell and left alone with no recovery stimulation.
  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
  • This facility was dirty and according to our loved one, it felt like you were walking into jail. They claim to have certified staff and medical staff there but they will call an ambulance and send you to the hospital instead. Our loved one was there for a few hours and then left. Did not get any help and yet they won't give you your money back. They said they accept NV Medicaid but they never billed Medicaid and when we asked why they said Medicaid doesn't cover detox!? They are full of excuses and different stories as to what you are paying for.