The Salvation Army Reno’s Adult Rehabilitation Program

The Salvation Army Reno’s Adult Rehabilitation Program


The Salvation Army, a Christian-based, charitable organization, operates numerous Adult Rehabilitation Centers (A.R.C.s) across the United States. The Adult Rehabilitation Center of Reno, Nev. provides a long-term residential program for adult men (ages 18 to 62) struggling with chemical dependency. The program does not offer medical detoxification on-site, and applicants must be substance-free for three days before the first day of admission.


Upon admission, clients may undergo an initial substance abuse assessment to identify individual needs. Treatment programming at the A.R.C. of Reno blends counseling, education, spiritual guidance, and work therapy to help clients acquire and sustain long-term sobriety, learning new life skills, and grow spiritually. Residents must commit to at least six months of residential treatment.

During residential treatment, which adheres to a therapeutic community model of recovery, residents participate in a schedule of one-on-one and group counseling sessions, as well as educational classes on addiction. A.R.C. of Reno’s treatment program also introduces clients to the principles and practices of 12-Step. Clients attend 12-step groups regularly, study fellowship literature, and process “step-work.”

As a Christian-based program, the spiritual component of treatment may include informal spiritual groups, spiritual counseling sessions, worship services, daily devotions, meditation and prayer, and Bible study classes. Christian-based spirituality may also be incorporated into the 12-step component of treatment.

In addition to core programming, work therapy and life skills training play important roles in A.R.C. of Reno’s treatment. Typically, A.R.C. assigns residents a full-time work schedule after 30 days in residential treatment. Designed to provide a foundation for successful community re-integration, residents assist in Salvation Army’s day-to-day operations, which may include performing various tasks at the organization’s thrift stores.


There is currently no information provided on the facility’s website or otherwise regarding its treatment staff. However, the sole loved one polled by at the time of this writing gave a rating of four out of five stars for the staff’s level of experience and training.


Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Center of Reno can accommodate up to 70 men. While accommodations may differ among various A.R.C. facilities, most facilities offer dorm-like sleeping arrangements for its residents. The loved one polled by gave a perfect five-star rating for the facility’s overall cleanliness and upkeep.


Along with the facility’s staff and accommodations, the loved one polled by also praised most other areas of the facility. Citing the facility’s “well-structured” environment as its strength, loved one S.D.B. also awarded perfect five-star ratings for the facility’s counseling options and the level of family participation. “Salvation Army works hard with their clients to help them stay clean and sober after they commenced the program,” S.D.B. wrote.


Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Centers are free to residents. Programs are funded by private donations and through Salvation Army’s fund raising efforts, such as the revenue gained through their thrift stores.

Reviews about The Salvation Army Reno’s Adult Rehabilitation Program

  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
  • Well structured. Lack of inside meetings. Salvation Army works hard with their clients to help them stay clean and sober after they commenced the program.